EastEnders casts Doctor Who star as violent villain who targets Stacey

As Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) desperately tries to make ends meet in EastEnders, she faces a dangerous villain called Shiv, who will be played by a former Doctor Who star.

It turns out Shiv is after the one thing Stacey doesn’t have a lot of right – money.

Due to the cost-of-living crisis, Stacey is trying her best to get by, ensuring her children are warm, fed well and clothed, as well as dealing with increasing energy bills.

Turning to loan shark, Shiv, things take a dark turn for Stace next week, as the evil character demands that she pays another £200 by the following day – or else.

With help from Alfie (Shane Richie), Stacey decides to sell off the wedding dresses Mo recently had delivered but with the clock ticking, can they get Shiv off their backs?

Explaining how Shiv enters Stacey’s life, Lacey Turner explained: ‘When the van got broken into, she took out a loan with a loan shark. Shifty Shiv is one of Mo’s old friends. So, she’s taken out this loan and he decides he wants the money and wants it now.

‘She panics as she’s quite desperate so she begs for more time. Alfie turns up with some money that he’s made, so there’s a sense of relief, but then Shiv asks for more money for the next day. The more the Slaters wind him up, the more he wants his money quicker.  

‘I think she’s scared of him. He’s a very creepy man. He’s not a normal thug, he’s a creepy thug.’

Shiv will be played by an actor called Peter Caulfield.

As well as starring in Sky’s I Hate Suzie Too, Peter is also known for his role in an episode of Doctor Who, titled Oxygen.

The episode followed Peter Capaldi’s doctor, Bill (Pearl Mackie) and Nardole (Matt Lucas), who find themselves on an abandoned space station.

However, they soon establish that there’s a reason this station is so empty, as the automated spacesuits the trio are wearing to stay alive, are actually trying to kill and starve them of oxygen.

It’s during the attempt at saving those who are still alive and haven’t turned into zombies that Bill, Nardole and the Doctor meet Caulfield’s character, Dahh-ren.

Dahh-ren is the only non-human member of the survivors at Chasm Forge and Bill quickly learns that he’s just another employee, hoping to earn his way in the universe by earning credits as a worker.

And he really doesn’t like being called Darren.

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