EastEnders fans gobsmacked by Frankies posh pal who gave pub strange nickname

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EastEnders viewers were left gobsmacked after Frankie was confronted by her new friend in the hair salon.

Frankie was about to have her haircut when her model friend Nancy walked in, dressed in a yellow blouse.

She made the excuse that her usual hairdresser was "in Bali" and that she needed her hair trimmed because the models were "looking at her split ends".

A visibly shocked Frankie asked her "what she's doing" at the salon before Nancy asked for a cut.

Nancy gushed: "My usual hairdresser's away in Bali. Honestly, I just did a Gucci shoot and you should have seen the way the girls looked at these split ends!"

An amazed Frankie was gobsmacked to hear that she had done a photoshoot for such a big name brand.

Nancy admitted she was "trying to fill her portfolio" before she asked Frankie what she had been up to since university.

Frankie lied and said: "I've actually been working with influencers a lot!"

She almost slipped up as her model friend asked if it was "anyone she'd heard of," to which Frankie joked that it was "top secret information" and that she'd "have to kill her" if she told her.

Nancy then said she was "grabbing brunch" and that she wanted to "grab a drink" with Frankie to "toast their success".

Frankie tried to deflect the request but a pushy Nancy said they'd "promised to keep in touch" and then called the "charming little pub across the road" a rather unusual name.

Nancy told Frankie to "meet her at the Queen Vicky in an hour" and fans couldn't believe their ears.

A viewer took to Twitter to say: "Who is this posh cow?"

Another one wrote: "Not her calling the Vic 'The Queen Vicky'!"

One fans said: "Oh Frankie, you need to sack her off pronto."

More disgruntled viewers went on to urge Frankie to "get rid" of her friend and thought it "was a shame" she felt like she had to live up to her expectations.

The pair then met up in the "Queen Vicky," where Frankie continued to keep up the facade.

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