EastEnders rocked as Stacey Slater attacked in prison during Jeans health crisis?

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EastEnders viewers know Ruby (played by Louisa Lytton) had in fact already lost the baby when she blamed Stacey (Lacey Turner) earlier this year, and that she had tripped during a confrontation with the latter but decided to pin the blame on her. Stacey has now been behind bars for months, unaware Jean (Gillian Wright) is very ill. Official spoilers from the BBC soap suggests a phone call leaves Jean shaken next week and it could be something has happened to her daughter, which may lead to Jean confessing the truth.

Future episodes will see Ruby packing her bags for her operation when Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) reminds Martin Fowler (James Bye) she has the dentist.

Ruby, who has had a hard time getting on with the schoolgirl, instructs Martin to prioritise his daughter.

Jean later sees Ruby and insists they go to the hospital together, and once the procedure is done Martin is surprised and thankful to Jean for being there.

Ruby returns home from the hospital and offers Jean money to help out, which she swiftly declines.


The friendly Walford resident takes Ruby to hers and suggests they do face masks together, and Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) isn’t so keen.

The pair enjoy some much needed relaxation as Ruby admits she never had fun like that with her own mum.

But things soon take a turn when Jean gets a call and it’s possible it could involve Stacey.

Jean has been supportive of Ruby’s struggles despite the issues she has faced with her daughter, and Ruby is the only person who knows about Jean’s condition.

But on Jean’s request, she has not told anyone. With Jean and Ruby spending time together, is fan favourite Jean about to receive even more bad news, leaving her feeling guilty?

Since she started her jail sentence, not much has been heard about Stacey.

Her children are being cared for by Ruby and Martin, and Lily has struggled, lashing out at Ruby and scheming against her.

But with Jean hiding her devastating secret, will an incident involving Stacey be the wake up call she needs to admit what’s going on?

If the phone call is in fact news about Stacey, Jean is likely to abruptly end her day with Ruby.

If she’s been badly attacked in prison, Jean will no doubt rush to her daughter’s side.

If the pair manage to speak in hospital, Jean could finally open up to her daughter so she doesn’t have to face the terrible truth alone.

After months of watching Jean suffer in silence, fans are keen to see her finally confiding in someone.

But with Stacey only half way through her sentence, she might not be able to convince her mum to undergo treatment, which she has decided against.

Elsewhere, Martin takes the kids to summer school and it’s his birthday but Ruby has clearly forgotten.

Ruby is later shaken by a comment Jay makes about her and when she overhears Kat talking about her at the laundrette, her paranoia grows.

Could speculation about Ruby’s lies regarding Stacey be growing?

Jean mentions to the troubled woman that she should be planning a dinner for Martin, and Ruby realises her error.

With Jean cutting her time with Ruby short, it seems she could be trying to get rid of her so she can visit Stacey.

While there, and in a hospital setting, she may finally explain to Stacey that she could be dying.

But will it make any difference to Jean’s decision?

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC.

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