EastEnders spoilers: Ian Beale betrays mum Kathy by secretly remortgaging her cafe illegally

IAN Beale betrays mum Kathy next week in EastEnders when he secretly remortgages her cafe. 

Max has threatened to destroy Ian in the BCC One soap unless he gives him back the money he stole with interest.

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Viewers know that Max trusted Ian to take on his half of the restaurant so that Rainie, who Max was divorcing, wouldn’t be entitled to any of it. 

But Max was fuming when he discovered that sly Ian had used the money to buy Sharon the Queen Vic, meaning he no longer has it.

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Peter catch Ian hiding a letter. 

Later, Ian promises Max he’ll get his first payment soon. 

Overhearing Ian’s promise, Peter assumes he’s back on track and asks for his allowance.

But Peter later tells Kathy that Ian has borrowed his money. 

Kathy confronts Ian and suggest remortgaging the cafe to help him out. 

But having already done exactly that, Ian assures her everything is under control. 

Suspicious of Ian’s behaviour, Peter later does some digging and learns what’s he’s done.

Will Peter tell Kathy?

It was revealed earlier this month that Max is set to make an explosive exit from EastEnders at some point later this year.

The soap has also confirmed that Ian will be taking a break and is expected to be off-screen for 10 weeks. 

Might Max and Ian’s current feud turn nasty and lead to both their departures?

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