Emily Andre slams Zara Holland's Barbados coronavirus crime as Pete battles illness at home

PETER Andre's wife Emily has slammed Zara Holland's Barbados coronavirus crime as Pete continues to battle the illness at home.

Zara, 25, was taken to court and fined after she and her Covid+ boyfriend Elliott Love were caught trying to flee the holiday destination as they broke strict quarantine laws.

And NHS doctor Emily believes the ex Love Island star was "lucky" to get away with just the financial penalty as she spoke out against celebs jetting abroad amid the pandemic.

Writing in her column for OK! magazine, the mother-of-two said: "So many celebrities have been criticised for travelling abroad during lockdown.

"We don't know the circumstances and some of them could be working, but I think if they are breaking the rules then they shouldn't be putting it on social media when we're all stuck in lockdown back home!

"Former Love Island star Zara Holland was lucky to only receive a £4,417 fine after breaching quarantine rules in Barbados.

"You have to put the health of other people first and to try and leave Barbados after her boyfriend tested positive wasn't the right thing to do."

Zara and Elliott were summoned to appear before island magistrates for allegedly trying to flee Barbados after he tested positive for coronavirus.

Both were swabbed on arrival in Barbados and ordered to isolate at the £300-a-night beachfront Sugar Bay hotel – and when Elliott’s test came back positive, they made a run for it to avoid being quarantined.

After being collared by cops at the airport as they tried to catch a flight home, Elliott was taken to the island’s Paragon military base, which has been converted into a Covid-19 quarantine centre, and Zara was ordered to isolate.

Both ended up escaping jail by paying a fine, and Zara left Barbados after her court hearing while Elliott was still in isolation.

Meanwhile, Emily's husband Pete has been wiped out by coronavirus, with the singer admitting he's been left feeling exhausted despite suffering the more mild symptoms of the illness.

He previously documented his "agonising" Covid battle in a YouTube video, with both he and Emily convinced his test would come back negative after he suffered from aches and a cough.

They were stunned to instead get a positive result, with Pete's symptoms worsening over time – but the father-of-four said he was "grateful" to still not have got it as badly as others that he knows.

Emily previously battled coronavirus last year, isolating from the rest of the family as she slept in a different bedroom to Pete.

The pair married in 2015 and they have two children together; Amelia, seven and four-year-old Theo.

Peter's older children from his previous marriage to Katie Price, Princess, 13, and Junior, 15, also live with them.

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