Emmerdale boss reveals original plans for DI Malone to be suffocated and bludgeoned to death by Dawn and Harriet

EMMERDALE boss Laura Shaw has revealed the original plans for DI Malone which involved him being suffocated and bludgeoned to death.

The dodgy police officer met his demise when he was shot three times by Dawn before he was about to attack Harriet, but that wasn't how he was always meant to go out.

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The producer commented on how the Malone's exit was originally supposed to be more physical.

She explained: "Originally in the scripts the end game for Malone was much more physical.

"His intention was always to go and kill Dawn and as he had her trapped in Woodbine, we would see a cat and mouse game as Dawn tried to fight back, before Malone took control and had his hands over Dawn's nose and mouth, planning to suffocate her to death.

"Just at the moment you felt it was game over for Dawn, Harriet appeared and used all her strength to grab Malone off Dawn, causing him to crash into the sideboard, hitting his head, knocking him out."

The original plan also involved the use of a brass candlestick rather than a gun to deliver the fatal shot.

She added: "Similarly to what's played out on screen now, you saw the two women fearing he's dead before Malone shocked them by rearing himself back up, then the fatal blow delivered by Dawn.

"In the original script this was with a brass candlestick, taken from the mantlepiece!"

Due to the break in filming caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Laura said it felt like they were having to 'start all over again' when it came to shooting scenes for Malone's death.

The producer revealed: "When we shut down filming we were a week off starting to shoot Malone's murder.

"We had spent months carefully crafting the storyline, this was a story we had embarked on knowing exactly how it ended, we had been building to this moment since Malone first appeared.

"We had spent weeks finessing the scripts and Duncan Foster and I had spent hours on set working out and choreographing every move. We had discussed every tiny detail and I knew all that hard work needed to now be scrapped and we almost needed to start again!"

She added: "What I hadn't realised at that point is that changing everything would ultimately make it more dramatic, exciting and thrilling than it had ever been!"

Malone once again proved there just isn't a line he won't cross as he tried desperately to coerce Dawn to go back to her murky past and take drugs.

But before he could do any more damage, Harriet appeared from behind and smashed him in the head with a kettle.

While the pair figured out what to do, Malone miraculously leapt to his feet and proceeded to attack the vicar, but Dawn shot him three times before he could do so, putting him down once and for all.

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