Emmerdale fans baffled as Gabby announces she's flying to Australia within hours of being revealed as Leyla's stalker

EMMERDALE fans were left baffled when Gabby announced she was flying to Australia, in the middle of a pandemic, mere hours after being revealed as Leyla’s stalker. 

Viewers already knew it was the teenager who had been tormenting the wedding planner but last night it was finally revealed to Leyla Harding. 

Gabby’s wrongdoings were discovered after Leyla returned to the Take a Vow office and was horrified to find it trashed and vandalised. 

However, horror turned to terror when she realised her stalker was still there and grabbing a vase she hurled it at her hooded tormenter, hitting them in the arm.

In last night’s episode Leyla put two and two together when she noticed a nasty gash on Gabby’s arm and confronted her about it.

After confronting Gabby Thomas and hearing that the teenager blamed her for her mum not being  around, viewers were confused when she immediately called Bernice and told her she was coming to Australia.

Taking to Twitter, one commented on the situation: “That'll be Gabby packed & off to Australia by the morning. Only in soapworld.”

“Of course Gabby is flying to Oz during a pandemic..why wouldn't she,” wrote another. 

While a third joked: “Gabby: I'm gonna come to Australia

Australia closes its borders”

Emmerdale fans knew someone had it in for Leyla after the Take a Vow office was trashed back in May.

But Leyla was pretty certain she knew who the culprit was and immediately set out to confront Leanna Cavanagh.

When Leanna categorically denied any wrongdoing and provoked her further, Leyla ended up lashing out and slapping the teen round the face.

But Leyla is set to make a surprising decision concerning her stalker next week as she takes pity on the teenager. 

Gabby opens up about being lonely without her mum Bernice and Leyla ends up comforting her.

Gabby explains that Bernice won't let her join her in Australia, and that she's stuck in the village alone.

Later, Gabby is relieved when Leyla doesn’t tell Nicola and Laurel about her vandalising Take a Vow. 

Gabby is stunned when Leyla goes a step further and offers Gabby an apprenticeship at Take a Vow.

Will Leyla regret being so kind to her tormentor?

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