Emmerdale fans divided by Victoria Barton’s drastic hair transformation

Emmerdale fans are divided over Victoria Barton's drastic hair transformation.

Victoria, played by Isobel Hodgins, returned to the village tonight after heading to France with brother Robert Sugden.

Her brand new hairstyle was a hit with Moira Barton, who welcomed her back with a big hug and said she looked "amazing".

"I just fancied a change," said Vic, while Moira added that it really suited the Woolpack chef.

Diane Sugden, who confessed she had really missed Victoria, said: "I love your hair. It looks great on you."

Explaining the reason for the change, Victoria said: "And easier to maintain too."

Some Emmerdale viewers on Twitter thought Victoria really suited the new look.

One tweeted: "I’m no Vidal-Sassoon, but this sassy pixie-cut of Victoria’s really suits her."

"How cute is Victoria's new hair," added another.

A third said: "Victoria looks great with her new hair cut. Shouldn't say this but she's very foxy

However, it was not popular with everyone and others preferred her former hairstyle.

Victoria’s hair looks awful 🙁 she had beautiful hair too," said one viewer.

Another agreed: "Why do the characters keep saying #Victoria's hair looks gorgeous? Who are they trying to convince?"

"Victoria's hair must've been confiscated by customs," joked a third.

After arriving home, Victoria decided that she could not live in the house where she was raped.

Later on, she told Robert and Diane that she had come to a decision about her pregnancy.

They assumed she was going to have an abortion, but Victoria told them she was going to keep the baby.

*Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm

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