Emmerdale fans in tears as soap shows real hug after scrapping social distancing

Emmerdale fans were left in tears after Thursday night’s episode which aired the first hug between actors since the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK.

In an emotional scene between Liv Flaherty and her older brother Aaron, actors Isobel Steele and Danny Miller were allowed to hug it out for the first time in over a year.

The hit ITV soap has been strictly adhering to social distancing rules established by the government over the past year-and-a-half which meant any intimate scenes, hugging and hand holding came to an abrupt end.

But after the rollercoaster storyline between Liv and Aaron this week, the pair were able to share a loving embrace as the supportive brother helped Liv through her journey to a sober lifestyle.

And there wasn’t a dry eye in the room as viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the return of physical contact.

One user wrote: “That was a beautiful scene with Aaron and Liv and it was awesome to see hugging again!!”

Another added: “I’m so glad they have got rid of social distancing on Emmerdale.”

While a third admitted: “So weird seeing characters hug in soaps but I have missed that.”

And a final fan commented: “So glad that we got to see a hug between Aaron and Liv.”

The week began with a shocking start, as Liv tried to seduce her close friend Jacob Gallagher after she became insecure about her sexuality following a tense conversation between her and Mandy.

But after her brother walked in on their awkward encounter, things soon went from bad to worse as the pair erupted into a hurtful argument which resulted in Liv being kicked out of the house.

It was then that the blonde bombshell passed out in the cemetery and began to choke on her own vomit.

Luckily the pair managed to patch things up after Aaron rushed to her bedside once he heard the news his little sister had almost died.

In the emotional scene, Aaron vowed to support Liv as she started her journey to get clean and overcome her addiction to alcohol.

As Aaron looked at his sister recovering in the hospital bed he asked: “What’s your plan then? You gonna run away and drink yourself to death?”

Stubborn as ever, Liv replied: “Hopefully not. It's fine Aaron, I'm not your problem anymore.

“This is my fault, the way I treated you and everyone else for that matter. I was out of control and now I've ruined my life.”

Concerned for her health, Aaron urged: “You can’t give up. I just want the old you back. The funny, stroppy one.”

Liv admitted: “It’s not gonna be easy, some days I'm gonna struggle but I've been here before haven’t I? But I need your help.”

“Of course I'll help you. From now on I'm gonna be by your side every step of the way and whatever happens, we face it together,” he told her before he pulled her in for a loving embrace.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays, on ITV

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