Emmerdale fans open-mouthed as VERY unlikely character turns out to be loaded

EMMERDALE fans were shocked to discover that Victoria Sugden had received an unexpected windfall.

Victoria – played by Isabel Hodgins on the ITV soap – was gobsmacked on Tuesday's episode when she found out that son Harry had inherited a life-changing amount of money.

Wendy returned to the village last night and told Bob that she had gone to her mother-in-law Agnes' funeral.

She then dropped another bombshell, revealing that Harry's late great-grandmother had left him a huge sum in her will, despite never meeting.

Earlier on, Victoria and David Metcalfe's were left fighting for the last spot at a Hoxton nursery.

Unfortunately, they both missed out on the place after Chas Dingle informed them that her little girl Eve had got it.

Later on, Wendy updated Victoria of the unexpected news, leaving her over the moon.

She told her that toddler Harry had received a whopping £50,000 in inheritance money.

A gobsmacked Victoria was thrilled with the unexpected fortune and toyed with the idea of hiring her own nanny to look after Harry.

ITV viewers were surprised that Agnes would leave the huge sum to someone they had never met.

 One wrote: "£50,000 for a person she has never met?"

Another shared: "How can she give 50 grand to a grandchild she never met?"

A third added: "50 grand, cor blimey…" echoed by a fourth tweet that read: "£50,000 bloody hell."

Another posted: "So Wendy’s mother in law left Harry his great grandmother who he’s never met £50k, ok then."

One joked: "DAMN £50k the richest baby in Yorkshire."

Meanwhile, there is trouble ahead for Victoria as her love rival Meena Jutla takes horrifying revenge this week.

The evil nurse – who is played by Paige Sandhu in the ITV soap – will kidnap David son Theo while he’s in Victoria’s care.

David recently kissed Victoria, despite being in a relationship with serial killer Meena.

Victoria is left with both kids, Meena sneaks in and snatches Theo.

Victoria is horrified to realise Theo has disappeared and that the baby gate and back door are open.

What is Meena up to?

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