Emmerdale fans vow to switch off FOREVER if beloved character is killed off tonight

EMMERDALE fans vow to never tune in to the soap again if a popular is killed off in the barn crash disaster tonight.

The ITV serial drama have been airing flashforward episodes throughout the week in the buildup to the wedding day tragedy.

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Viewers already know that one character will die and last night's episode saw Paul, Jimmy and Liv Flaherty fighting for their lives in hospital.

Avid Emmerdale watchers are hoping that neither of Liv and Jimmy will be killed off by the time the dust settles.

One penned: "Emmerdale are evil for leaving it there! I just know he's gonna do something to liv, I'm so worried about her #Emmerdale."

Another fan fumed: "The writers better not kill Liv off #Emmerdale."

This viewer declared: "Kill off Jimmy or Liv and I'm never watching again #emmerdale."

While a fourth user echoed: "Oh my god. NAH if Liv or Jimmy die I’ll be FUMING #Emmerdale."

The horrifying incident will come after Liv confronted Paul in the wedding barn last night after discovering Vinny’s beatings.

It was revealed last month that the soap were planning a huge stunt with a deadly barn explosion.

It was reported that Emmerdale bosses are building a brand new barn in the village – so they can blow it up in an explosion.

Who will be caught in the firing line?

Teasing the storyline earlier this year, producer Laura Shaw told The Sun: “We've made no secret that our big Mandy/Vinny/Paul storyline will feature heavily in 2021."

"As Paul becomes better at hiding what's really going on, Mandy falls more in love with him, which ultimately leads to a marriage proposal and a big old Dingle wedding is planned," she continued. 

“But will Mandy and Paul really get their happily ever after, or will Vinny find the courage to be honest about the abuse Paul is subjecting him to?" 

The producer also teased a huge spectacle for the scenes and called it "undoubtedly our most ambitious work since the dreaded COVID hit us”.

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