Emmerdale shock as Eric Pollard attacks Aaron Dingle with a cricket bat

EMMERDALE fans think Aaron Dingle will be sent back to prison after being caught in Eric Pollard’s house.

The criminal mechanic – who is played by actor Danny Miller in the ITV soap – broke into the pensioner’s barn conversion to return the stolen broach burgled by Mackenzie Boyd.

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Aaron’s grandmother Faith was being blamed for the theft so Aaron stole it from Mackenzie and decided to return it himself.

However his scheme failed and he was caught by Eric – and smacked over the head with a cricket bat.

“Faith, is that you?” shouted a terrified Eric.

Arming himself with a cricket bat he walked downstairs shouting.

“Who’s there? I warn you – I’m armed!” he yelled as he spotted a hooded figure in his home.

Lunging forward, Eric swung the bat at the intruder’s head and knocked him to the ground.

“Aaron?” he shouted confused as he saw the mechanic sprawled out on the floor holding his head.

Fans now think Aaron will end up back behind bars for the burglary.

One wrote: "How will Aaron explain to Eric why he's in his house."

A second said: "Aaron, just leave the broach on the doorstep and ring the bell…or better still, tell Eric Mackenzie stole it."

Another added: "Oh no Aaron I hope he's ok"

Will Eric get caught?

Or will Aaron go down for burglary?

Emmerdale continues on Tuesday at 7pm on ITV.

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