Emmerdale spoiler sees body found as gun shots are fired in special flash forward week

Next week is a special one in Emmerdale as Monday’s episode (9 May) opens with a disturbing flash forward. Through the gloom and mist of a graveyard, an open grave is revealed.

A police cell door is slammed shut while the sound of a gunshot rings out in the woods. The eerie scene pans to the smoking wreckage of a crumpled car. There’s been a terrible accident.

Back in the present, Gabby Thomas [Rosie Bentham] is having a hard time up at Home Farm. She’s living in fear, worried that Jamie Tate [Alexander Lincoln] will return to snatch Thomas.

Elsewhere on the ITV soap, Noah Tate’s [Jack Downham] obsession with Chloe [Jessie Elland] comes to a head when she finds evidence of his creepy behaviour on his laptop.

Gabby is in turmoil up at Home Farm. She knows Jamie’s still at large and is terrified he’ll try to snatch Thomas while she’s home alone.

Despite Dawn’s best attempts to calm her, Gabby remains fearful – and for good reason. The gun cupboard at Home Farm is broken into by an anonymous thief and whoever it is now armed.

Gabby reels as she finds a gif that’s been left for Thomas. She breaks down, knowing it’s Jamie’s doing.

Elsewhere in the village, Noah is up to his old tricks again. He’s using Chloe’s journal to get inside her head and since Nate rejected her, she’s happily lapping up the affection.

However, when Chloe comes across her lost keys, their day takes a turn. She confronts Noah, but he bluffs his way out and she’s left shaken at the thought of what might have been going on.

Chloe hatches a plan to distract Noah and sends him out for snacks. While he’s gone, she searches his laptop for evidence and is shocked by what she discovers.

Cane and Al’s feud shows no sign of abating this week, but their battle soon takes a dangerous turn.

Faith is in self-destruct mode and picks a fight with Amelia.

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