Escape to the Chateaus Dick Strawbridge shares frustration with Angel Is it over?

Escape to the Chateau: Angel on when show will be 'over'

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Escape to the Chateau has recently returned to Channel 4 with a brand new series as Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree continue to work on renovating their family home, Château de la Motte-Husson in France. Fans have followed the couple for a number of years, watching their journey from the moment they first started restoring the chateau. However, in a recent interview Angel has confessed she’s sometimes “naughty” when it comes to decorating and gets carried away, much to the frustration of her husband.

Dick and Angel recently opened up about their ongoing renovation project in an interview on This Morning.

ITV presenter Dermot O’Leary quizzed the couple about Escape to the Chateau and how long they have been making adjustments to their family home.

Dermot asked: “The series is wonderful, but did you ever imagine you’d still be doing up the Chateau eight series’ down the line?”

Angel instantly burst out laughing as Dick remarked: “Oh, Dermot that’s so true!”

“Yeah, thanks for the reminder Dermot!” Angel joked.

“No, we do get asked, you know, ‘When is it going to be over?’ And my husband keeps asking me the same question,” she revealed.

Dick chimed in: “The bottom line is, we had this rule – it didn’t last very long – Angela was not allowed to do anything twice until we had done everything once.

“It was a really simple rule, but somehow we haven’t managed to get around yet.

“We haven’t managed to do it all once yet,” he revealed.

However, Angel confessed she’d broken her husband’s rule on multiple occasions in the past.

She admitted: “I mean, he has had this rule, so when Dick would go away to work I would be a bit naughty and re-paint a room that I wasn’t meant to re-paint.

“But, we are getting there. We are really comfortable now and this year we have seriously knuckled down,” Angel commented.

The couple also spoke about how they recently undertook one of their biggest challenges yet at the chateau as they decided to replace the roof.

They explained their two children, Arthur and Dorothy, would one day inherit the property and they wanted the roof to be fixed before they did.

Dick said: “Our biggest problems are, with Arthur and Dorothy taking over the chateau at some stage, they don’t want that [the roof renovation] hanging over them.

“They can’t have the fact that there’s a really big expense to sort the chateau out and the roof and the render and making it lovely.

“Us doing it now means that Arthur and Dorothy’s great-grandchildren should be the ones that actually worry about it,” he explained.

The couple have been living at the chateau with their two children for six years, having first purchased the property for £280,000 in 2015.

The immense chateau boasts 45 bedrooms, 78 windows, 12 acres and one moat.

At the time they bought it, the chateau had stood empty for 40 years and had no electricity, heating or running water.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV and Escape to the Chateau airs Sundays at 8pm on Channel 4.

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