Friends fans baffled as they spot major changes to reunion set

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Friends fans were thrilled as they were treated to some behind the scenes snaps of the brand new set for the upcoming show reunion.

Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer are set to reunite once more on our screens for the first time since the hit sitcom's emotional 2004 finale.

Greg Grande created the original sets for Central Perk and Monica's apartment back in the 90s and he posted a sneak peek of the upcoming new set on Instagram on Wednesday (March 31).

In a now-deleted post, he showed fans Monica's iconic New York City apartment.

He wrote: "Sssh! Somethings happening, deja vu… coming alive once again! #friends #monicasapt #friendsreunion," with a red heart emoji.

The room featured some of its most recognisable items, like the purple walls, the orange armchair and the turquoise kitchen.

However, eagle-eyed fans noticed some changes to the memorable living room.

Firstly, in the original set, flowers can be seen on the windowsill and on top of the fridge in the kitchen.

In the new set, there are no flowers to be seen, as one fan said: "Where are the flowers?"

Another replied: "Very observant, bc I was thinking the same thing. Also noticing a few small 'updates' such as the square lamp shade…", noticing the different light used on set.

Another difference Friends fanatics noticed is that there's a different rug being used in the living room.

Despite it being very similar to the original floral rug, fans quickly noticed it was different.

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An Instagram user wrote: "I wonder what happened to the original rug?"

Much of the original furniture has been replaced as some of the old items have been revamped or completely upgraded.

Rather than the patchwork cushions on the long sofa, there are orange ones on the white settee.

There also seems to be different curtains as the past floral drapes have been replaced with new ones.

When looking at the small glimpse of the bathroom, there appears to be a new mirror situated by the door.

Other changes include an added cream futon situated next to the coffee table, a red and white checkered throw missing from the armchair and empty candle holders.

Another fan wrote: "I studied this set so much, I feel like I can play a game of I spy and tell you what's different lol…"

Other fans were left scratching their heads as the final episode of the show saw Monica and Chandler leave the apartment and move to Westchester County with their twins.

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