Gavin Newsom Disses OAN, Fox News: Everyone's So Damn Miserable

California governor made his first public appearance in two weeks

The Governor, which easily survived a recall attempt in September, then praised Hollywood streaming services like Disney+, Hulu and even Peacock for investing so much into California.

 “Look at the investments that are taking place in Silicon Valley and down there in Hollywood. The merger of the two dominate. Think about it. Not just Netflix. Disney+. Think about Hulu. Think about Peacock and the investments that have been made in this state and the commitments that Universal is making in the state of California,” he said. “Billion dollar investments. Those are just table stakes.”

Newsom saved his biggest dig for Fox News and how it purposely makes its viewers unhappy.

“My mom used to say this when I was a kid: ‘You’re nothing but a mirror of your consistent thoughts. Whatever you focus on you’ll find more of.’ That’s why everyone’s so damn miserable watching Fox. I mean it. You have to be miserable. And stressed. And the world’s coming to an end. They’re gonna take away your text books and you guns and…all this nonsense. This mishegoss that is America today.”

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