Gayle King Said This Is The Coolest Thing She's Ever Done

CBS This Morning’s Gayle King has interviewed some of today’s biggest names. From world leaders to pop stars, the lead anchor also moonlights as the Editor-at-Large for O, The Oprah Magazine, her bestie’s publication.

Reportingon historical events as well as keeping up with her personal life, Kingrevealed some experiences that will stay etched in her mind.

Started in psych

Though she’s now firmly established as a top journalist, Kingnever planned on being in front of the camera. In college, she sought out areasof study that had to do more with problem-solving and persuading thanreporting. 

“I majored in psychology, so I never reallyintended to be in television,” she told USAToday in 2018. “I’ve always liked (and still do)listening to other people’s problems and giving them unsolicited advice, and soI thought I would be good in psychology – that I’d have a practice where Iwould listen to problems all day long. I was going to do that or law school,because I thought I’d be great in front of a jury trying to argue my case orconvince jurors to see things my way and putting away criminals – I wasnot going to represent guilty people.”

Taking a job in news while she was in collegechanged her career path. “I got an entry-level position at a TV station when Iwas in college, and then I became hooked,” King revealed. “You’ll talk to 10different people and get 10 different stories of how we started in thisbusiness, but for me it was really by accident.”

‘Every day is different’

Despite not relishing the early morninghours, King loves the variety that her career brings on a daily basis. “There’sno such thing as a typical day. Every day is different,” she said. “I get up superearly: The hours are crappy, but I love this job. One day I could be in Texastalking to immigrant moms. Another time I could be in Detroit. Another time Icould be at the White House.”

King never had the opportunity to get boredin her job since she never knows what to expect each day. “That is what I likeabout this job,” she shared. “It starts early in the morning, and we go intohair and makeup and we’re on the air from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., and after that wedo a post-mortem about the show and then talk about what’s coming up the nextday.”

Now with two adult children, King is able to focus on her career and the demanding schedule that comes along with it. “It’s very busy, but I like it. My kids are grown,” the CBS This Morning anchor said. “I like to say ‘potty-trained and employed.’ It’s not like I have to rush home and cook dinner or tuck anybody in or read anybody a story or give anybody a bath. I’m divorced, so the only person I really have to take care of is me, myself and I, and that is a full-time job.”

Cool stuff on and off the job

The news anchor is clearly a thrill-seeker outside of work. When asked to share the coolest thing she’s ever done, King recalled an adventure on the other side of the world. “We took a vacation on an elephant-backed safari. We went to Botswana,” she recalled. “We look at those pictures and we go, ‘Whoa! We got to do that!’” Remembering some other highlights, King added, “It’s so hard to pick a coolest thing – (seeing) Nelson Mandela’s house in South Africa, that was cool.”

The journalist has also been at the forefrontof some major events that were cool, to say the least. “When it comes to work,a live shot at the White House for the Super Bowl – that was very cool,” Kingsaid. “They [the Obamas] had never done an interview together, and normally thetradition is that whatever network has the Super Bowl gets an interview withthe president during halftime.”

King went on to reveal that the First Couplewas open to trying a different approach. “CBS this Morning producersapproached the Obamas to see if they would do it together, live, something theyhad never done,” King shared. “That was super cool and super nerve-wracking,because you’re live and you have to stick to your time cues, and I’m told Idon’t always do that (sticking to time cues) well.”

The CBS This Morning anchor is sure to have many more ‘cool’ moments to add to her list in the upcoming years!

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