Gemma Collins says a stranger followed her around an airport chanting 'fatty fatty' as she reveals horrific abuse

GEMMA Collins wishes her trolls "well" even after one stalked around an airport chanting "fatty".

The self-confessed diva, 39, who has lost more than three stone talked about how fat shamers and trolls used to bother her, now she just thinks they're "sad".

Even though she feels bolder now and won't let trolls get to her, Gemma opened up about getting therapy after suffering PTSD from the amount of hate she has received.

"There are obviously triggering situations that can happen, but I have therapy every week," Gemma told Glamour.

"We did get trolled a lot and it's nothing but abuse. You could be doing your make-up, or you could be at a friend's birthday or even in the best celebration and you almost have PTSD from it from the memory of someone saying something cruel to you."

The reality star who has her own successful clothing line then revealed a major clothing brand refused to work with her because of her size.

"I can remember someone saying, 'You're too fat, we won't work with you,' from this clothing brand. This agent, at the time, told me that. Well, sorry b***h. Look at me now."

Gemma has worked hard to overcome trolling and revealed how she dealt with her shocking airport stalker.

"I was at an airport recently, this guy kept trying to take a picture and he was filming. He just started chanting, 'fatty, fatty, fatty'," she recalled.

"Who behaves like this? He thought it was bothering me, but it wasn't because I've heard it all before.

"I just thought, 'gosh, how awful that you live with this feeling inside of you'."

She added: "I sent him love and wished him well, mentally. Not got time for bad karma or nothing bad in my auric field, I'm not interested.

"If you feed something energy, it's going to keep breeding it so it's almost best not to give it the energy."

Gemma shared her wisdom saying "let there just be love and peace" as she called on everyone to be nicer to each other.

"We should not be shamed – fat shaming is not okay, and people are out to shame," she urged.

"People still don’t realise the damage is can do to people. We should just all be a lot kinder and I'm really realising that now myself, as well."

Her finding peace also means she's learnt to be kinder – even to nasty trolls.

"Now I wish the trolls well, because if they live with that anger, that nastiness inside them, that's so sad for them," Gemma said.

"I'm free of it. I'm free of pain. I'm free of anger. Everyone's entitled to be on their journey in life, whether that's me or Kim down the road, everyone's free. No one should be judged."

The telly favourite has been wowing fans with her weight loss journey and dazzled in her latest photo after shedding the pounds over the past year.

The GC's weight loss journey has been credited to her following a range of hardcore diets and by using controversial weight loss jabs.

But despite praising the product, Gemma was recently rapped for breaching ad rules by promoting the weight loss jab, after she didn't make it clear she was advertising it on her platform.

The reality diva has treated herself to various other procedures since shedding the pounds, including a hydro oxygen facial back in August.

Last week she got a painful "jawline tightening" treatment to make herself look permanently contoured.

She filmed herself getting the procedure and told fans: "Girls, if any of you are trying to contour your face, this is the best girl to do it. Ive got no filter, I've got nothing on my face."

The beautician explained: "Basically we are doing a jawline contouring and tightening treatment. There's no needles, it's literally done with a machine."

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