'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers Roundup: Felicia Tortures Peter — As He Deserves

General Hospital is about to get messy now that the legendary Felicia is back on the canvas. And since her portrayer, Kristina Wagner, has revealed that she’ll be in Port Charles for quite some time, she’s about to kick butt and take names. And the first person she’s going to start with is none other than Peter August, who has been the source of her daughter’s misery for far too long now. Peter’s life is about to be quite miserable now, that’s for sure. And nobody deserves it more!

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of General Hospital are up ahead.]

On ‘General Hospital,’ Maxie will keep baby Louise safe at all costs

Maxie would do anything for her little girl — and at this point, it’s obvious. According to SoapHub‘s General Hospital spoilers, she’ll be working more with Brook Lynn and Harrison Chase to keep baby Louise (aka “Bailey”) hidden in plain sight, and away from her crazy father Peter. But things aren’t going to be smooth sailing for everyone.

Look for things to heat up between the accidental family on the Jan. 20 episode of the show. At that point, the outlet says that Maxie will be “feeling the heat,” which could mean a number of things. It could mean that Brook Lynn and her are butting heads. It could mean that she and Harrison Chase are butting heads. Or it could mean that Peter August is getting her goat.

General Hospital spoilers are notoriously vague, which is why it’s great fun to speculate on what’s next. But there’s one thing for sure: Maxie has someone very important on her side.

Her mom, Felicia, is also on her side

That’s right, folks: Felicia is back, and she’s ready to go to war for her baby (well, her babies, if you consider Louise as part of the package deal, which makes perfect sense). The latest General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry suggest that Peter’s about to go through some things, and his life is about to get really messy indeed.

“Peter will seem suspicious over a visitor and what this person is looking for, so that may be Felicia,” reports the outlet. “Naturally, Felicia might take this opportunity to promise that Peter’s takedown is coming sooner rather than later! Felicia will be determined to make sure Maxie never has to worry about Peter ever again.”

We stan a boss queen, and we love the fact that Felicia is taking no prisoners. More of this, please!

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Port Charles

Lest you thought that the Anna and Valentin storyline is going nowhere, next week’s General Hospital will settle the deal once and for all. The latest spoilers from Soaps.com reveal that the couple will have “the talk” on the Jan. 20 episode of the show, and they’ll figure out once and for all what they are to one another — if they’re anything at all. Will we see these two become the next super-couple? We’ll just have to tune in to upcoming episodes of General Hospital to find out for sure.

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