‘Get a grip’ Lorraine Kelly in furious tirade at Hollywood bosses over Irish subtitle row

Lorraine Kelly says Hollywood bosses need to 'get a grip'

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Lorraine Kelly was joined by her showbiz correspondent Ross King on Wednesday’s edition of her talk show. The ITV presenter asked Ross to share the gossip from Hollywood, however, she was left feeling annoyed after watching a trailer for the new Irish based film Belfast and was told producers were considering adding in subtitles.


After hearing about what Hollywood was planning for the film, Lorraine fumed: “Are Hollywood having issues Ross? I’m not happy about this.”

Ross laughed at Lorraine’s annoyance and said: “No, absolutely not your quite right, Jamie Dornan’s in it, you’ve got Dame Judy Dench along with Sir Kenneth as well.

“I mean, this is the craziness again of Hollywood, does it need subtitles? But, of course, it doesn’t for me not being quarter Irish, so you know I can understand every single word of it.

“Have a little listen to this we’ll let people think about it give me your opinion,” he told Lorraine as they rolled the trailer.

After viewing the snippet of the film, Lorraine said: “You know what that looks incredible, and obviously you can understand every single word.

“So, the Hollywood glitterati need to get a grip, is what I say, behave themselves,” she quipped at Ross.

Agreeing with her, Ross added: “We know where they can take stick their subtitles, and the good news is there’s already a buzz for it, so one gives a hoot Hollywood.”

Viewers were quick to share their annoyance with Lorraine and expressed their views on social media.

One user wrote: “My partner is Irish, and I don’t need subtitles to understand him when he speaks to me, absolutely ridiculous! #Lorraine.”

Another added: “As a fellow Irish, I am absolutely disgusted and honestly offended that these Hollywood producers think it’s ok to make fun of the accent! #Lorraine.”

“Well, that’s a film I won’t be watching, with or without subtitles, they have no right to put subtitles on for a dialect they decided to use. #Lorraine,” a third user commented.

Lorraine has been known to not hold her tongue when I comes to having an opinion on things, with her quick comments giving her a reputation.

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She returned to the morning show after the summer holiday break refreshed and was raring to go.

Last week, she took aim at the latest royal film, Harry and Meghan: Escaping The Palace.

The film, which was released last week, surrounds the lives of the royals from their exit to their explosive interview.

Ross shared a snippet of the film, leaving Lorraine dumfounded: “Oh God love them. That looks hideous!”

Ross told Lorraine to watch out for the accents of Harry and Meghan, played by Jordan Dean and Sydney Morton.

Sydney told the camera she was trying to perfect her impression of the Duchess of Sussex but Lorraine couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

However, as Lorraine and Ross laughed over the clip, fans were unsure, taking to Twitter, one user wrote: “I thought both accents were done well? I don’t know what he was on about.”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV. 
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