GMBs Ed Balls forced to apologise as Susanna rages at him for swearing on air

Good Morning Britain presenter Ed Balls was left red faced after he made a live TV blunder.

The 56-year-old was forced to apologise after he followed in EastEnders ' star Danny Dyer's footsteps, blurting out the word tw*t after it was revealed Danny had accidentally done the same during an interview.

Co-host Susanna Reid had to quickly step in to remind the broadcaster of Ofcom's banned words, stating that 'tw*t' was one of them.

Speaking to entertainment editor Richard Arnold, Ed asked of Danny: "He used the T word, am I allowed to say that this early?"

"No, it's on the Ofcom list," Susanna reminded him, but her warning went unnoticed as Ed shortly replied: "So you can't say t*** – just checking?"

Mortified, Susanna then said: "No, you know we're on air!"

Ed swiftly apologised to ITV viewers for his slip-up and said: "I apologise for that, I didn't mean to say that – I didn't know,"

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