GMBs Laura Tobin red-faced over wardrobe malfunction We could see all of you!

GMB: Wardrobe malfunction during roller coaster report

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Laura Tobin presented Friday’s weather forecast from Thorpe Park and was left red-faced when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction while on a roller coaster ride. Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway were left feeling “uncomfortable” in the GMB studio as the weather presenter’s dress started to go up while she was turned upside down. 

As the ride set off, Laura said: “I promise I won’t swear but I will do a lot of screaming.”

However, the weather presenter was forced to protect her modesty as the bottom of her dress started to go up as she turned upside down on the ride.

“Did you think she thought through the skirt?” Kate questioned and Ben added: “I feel quite uncomfortable.”

“This is brilliant, this is my actual job, it’s the best job in the world and the other good news is there’s sunshine the way,” Laura commented. 

As the ride came to an end, she added: “My hair held out as well, I didn’t lose my shoes and I didn’t show you my pants so win-win.”

“Sunshine all-around Laura, sensational weather forecast one of your finest,” Ben joked. 

“We could hear you very well, we could hear and see all of you.”

“It was refreshing,” Kate commented as Laura asked: “You didn’t see all of me, did you, Ben?”

“We saw bits and pieces Laura,” he replied. “You carried yourself very well. It’s a good thing you didn’t swear.”

One tweeted: “Aw poor Laura, all ways all ways wear trousers when you go to a theme park. So funny though. Bless.”

Someone else shared: “Made me laugh so much-thank you Laura for cheering up a cloudy Friday!”

“@Lauratobin1 @GMB funniest thing I’ve seen for ages, Laura trying to protect her dignity whilst on a rollercoaster! brilliant!” A third added.

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