GMBs Susanna Reid brands show unfair as glitch forces guest on air early

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Good Morning Britain viewers witnessed an awkward blunder with MP Jonathan Ashworth as he appeared on the show.

The Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care was booked in to appear on the show via video link with hosts Susanna Reid and Adil Ray on Monday morning's show.

However as the two hosts welcomed him on air – he was completely unaware that the camera had started.

Instead, the MP was fixing his hair and looking in the camera before he looked around the room and was unresponsive as Susanna and Adil began questioning hi regarding the Covid-19 vaccine.

As Susanna welcomed him, she said: "Jonathan Ashworth joins us from Leicester, very good morning to your Mr Ashworth. Could you ever countenance a situation where there is a mandatory vaccination?"

While she was chatting to him, Mr Ashworth was instead looking elsewhere and sorting his hair before he appeared on screen.

Adil flagged that he didn't think the guest could hear them as he stated that he was doing his hair, as Susanna added: "No okay. That's a little unfair of us."

Adil added: "Mr Ashworth you look great! Probably a bit unfair having him on, he doesn't know he's on but he does look great."

He then began asking if the MP could hear them now, which saw Jonathan add: "Oh hello, sorry!"

Mr Ashworth was complimented on his hair by Adil as he told him it looks "fantastic".

The MP said: "Fabulous, fabulous. I'm so pleased," before he adding: "How embarrassing."

Though Susanna immediately raised a good point as she said: "To be honest it could've been a lot worse couldn't it."

While Jonathan started to agree he also quipped: "Yes my word, my word yes! What do you think I do in my kitchen?!"

After the awkward stint, Jonathan answered questions regarding the Covid-19 vaccine and the idea of a mandatory vaccine following new laws surrounding other countries in Europe.

Ashworth stated that they need to utilise people driving up vaccine rates, adding that making it compulsory could be concerning.

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