Goggleboxs Mary and Giles discuss bizarre theory that fans think theyre axe murderers

Quirky couple Giles Wood and Mary Killen joined the cast of the popular channel 4 show, Gogglebox, for its fifth series in 2015 after being approached by a friend on the production team.

Since the pair landed on our screens, they’ve become firm favourites amongst fans for their dry humour, witty remarks, eclectic taste and their sweet nicknames for one another.

Not to mention Giles’ trusty armchair.

But with fame comes attention, and some of it is not always nice.

While the Wiltshire couple – who revealed last year that they "fight like old cats" after three decades together – receive plenty of praise on social media for obvious reasons, there have also been bizarre rumours flying around that the Gogglebox stars have had to put to bed.

One of the most far fetched theories that has circulated the internet to date claims that Giles and Mary are actually axe murderers.

"There were some pretty negative things on Twitter,” Mary revealed to The Guardian recently.

“Sort of Giles and Mary 'Jog on, bye'. The introductory film of our house had an axe going into a tree stump, so one peculiar person was obsessed with the idea that we were axe murderers.”

Mary then explained that they found out about the rumour through Giles’ sister, who the couple trust to look through their social media.

“She said for every ten negative comments, there’d be one positive. And she’d send us the positive ones. We didn’t look ourselves," the TV personality admitted.

She also opened up about how things could have turned out very differently in terms of casting – in that Mary wasn’t the one who was supposed to sit beside Giles originally.

Instead, he was meant to appear with his daughter, who ended up having second thoughts.

(As the show turned 10, other secrets came out of the closet too, including further cast members who were never meant to be on our screens.)

Luckily for us, Mary took her place, and fans have spent years enjoying the couple’s eccentric personalities.

Back in 2021, the husband and wife duo even shared a snippet of their past and let fans get to know them even more.

Taking to Instagram, Giles posted the coolest throwback photo of the two from 1990.

While the image obviously brought back memories from their youth, many fans were quick to brand them a “power couple.”

The pair met when they were just 21, when Giles was studying at Wimbledon art school and Mary was a model.

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