Gomorrah season 5 episode 1 cast: Who is in the cast?

Gomorrah: Sky TV releases trailer for final season

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Gomorrah is coming to an end after five seasons and a film spin-off. It’s bittersweet for fans, with the Italian crime drama proving to be the country’s biggest export show, airing on Now and Sky Atlantic in the UK and HBO Max in the USA. The fifth season is highly anticipated, and while the main cast is unconfirmed, it looks set to be the most explosive season yet.  

Who is in the cast of season five, episode one?

Genny Savastano – Salvatore Esposito

Once again leading the cast is Salvatore Esposito as Genny Savastano.

Fans got to see some of his backstory in the spin-off film, The Immortal, and it looks as though those flashbacks will continue in season five.

Genny has become a renowned criminal by the fifth season, leading many enemies to come looking for him.

Esposito is best known for Fargo, They Call Me Jeeg, and The Stonebreaker.

Ciro Di Marzio – Marco D’Amore

Following Genny and Ciro’s split, it isn’t known where the pair could be heading in season five.

It will likely be an emotional experience though, as the former partners are now going it alone.

Played by Marco D’Amore, the actor is best known for Security, Love Is All You Need, and Gourmet Wars.

D’Amore will also be directing this time around, with five episodes overseen by the star.

Enzo ‘Sangueblù’ Villa – Arturo Muselli

First appearing in the third season, Sangueblù is the leader of the Santo clan in Forcella.

They are a force to be reckoned with, and will likely come to blows with Genny and the crew.

How Sangueblù will play into season five remains to be seen, though it will likely spell his end.

Played by Arturo Muselli, the star is best known for The Teacher, The Hairdresser, and Squadra mobile.

What is season five about?

Season five is not only wrapping up the story of the show, but also the film, The Immortal or L’Immortale, which takes place between seasons four and five.

The film is more than just a spin-off, as the executive producer of the show and film, Riccardo Tozzi has teased it is essential for the fifth season.

Speaking to Deadline, Tozzi teased: “You need to see it to fully appreciate the fifth series.

“It’s a bridge between the fourth and fifth series and there is a big surprise involved.”

The exact plot of season five is being kept under wraps, though fans are expecting it to be a violent end for the leads.

For many of the characters, the decisions they have made across the show have led them to only one place, and it doesn’t look like it will be a particularly happy end.

With this being the final season, it will also give viewers many of the answers they have been looking for.

Genny’s past has been a major plot point throughout the show, and while The Immortal touched upon it, season five will likely tie up the loose ends.

Gomorrah season five will premiere on Sky Atlantic and NOW on December 18 in the UK. Season five will premiere in early 2022 on HBO Max in the USA.

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