Grieving Ashley Cain chants 'let's go champ' as he reveals he's run 34 miles in six days after daughter Azaylia's death

GRIEVING Ashley Cain chanted "let's go champ" as revealed he's run 34 miles in six days after his daughter Azaylia's death.

The 30-year-old star was left devastated following the death of his eight-month-old daughter last month.

However, the heartbroken dad vowed to keep his little girl's memory alive, and channel her courage and bravery at this unbearably difficult time.

Taking to his Instagram Story today, Ashley filmed himself out on the street dressed in sports gear, writing: "What would Azaylia do? Let's go champ."

In the video, he repeated: "Let's go champ" as he ran – a phrase he and girlfriend Safiyya used while Azaylia battled leukaemia.

He later added: "From nothing for months to 55km in the last 6 days. Trying to keep my head strong and my heart stronger. Forever in my heart champion!"

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Azaylia passed away at home on 24 April, and at the weekend Ashley said that the "pain" of not being able to see his daughter is "consuming his whole body".

He admitted that he was turning to running in his grief, buying a pair of orange trainers to represent Azaylia and her battle – adding that he hoped they would "inspire him to get out and work through the pain".

The star went on: "For days I’ve wondered when I would have the strength to put them on and hit the road. The truth is, I don’t feel strong, I feel far from it. But in times of weakness, I have come to think… ‘What would Azaylia do?’

"She would be strong, she would be courageous and she would get up, get out, and do what is needed to be done. She would push through every challenge with intent and without hesitation.

"So that’s exactly what I’m going to do! I guess the pain will never fade and things will not get easier, but we will get stronger. 🧡"

Devoted Ashley and Safiyya had been documenting Azaylia's brave battle online, with the little fighter winning hearts across the globe.

She has been nominated for a Pride of Britain award – with people across the UK previously taking to their doorsteps to "Clap for Azaylia".

Ashley recently opened up about the agony of planning baby daughter Azaylia's funeral, saying "It has brought me to my knees."

Ashley took to his Instagram Story to reveal that they had started to make funeral plans for Azaylia, but some days it "breaks him" and he's unable to proceed.

The heartbroken dad wrote: "I always dreaded the first time I'd have to plan a funeral. But I never, ever thought it would be my child's funeral.

"Nothing could ever have prepared me for this. Some days it breaks me and I can't even bare to do it.

"I always thought I was tough, but making decisions on how I'm going to bury my baby is enough to bring me to my knees every single time."

He added: "It's hard to make sense of anything right now, especially why did it have to happen this way!"

Safiyya also took to her Instagram Story, saying that she was trying to be as brave as little Azaylia was as she battled the unbearable pain.

Sharing a photo of herself in her pyjamas, the devoted mum penned: "Wearing my rainbow pyjamas for you Azaylia.

"My days are so empty without you, whenever I think of you I ache from head to toe as I miss you so much.

"I get the biggest lump in my throat and I just want to fall to my knees and cry.

"But then I think what would Azaylia do? She would be brave, so I hear in my head: 'Mummy, stay strong, be brave just like me'."

She later added: "I look up to the sky every day, I realise the beauty in the sky like never before. I see the beautiful things you draw and create for me."

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