Grow your own girlfriend kit! Kate Middletons joke gift for Prince Harry that hit home

Kate Middleton bought Harry a 'girlfriend kit' says Myers

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Families across the nation will be exchanging gifts on Christmas Day, however it seems some members of the Royal Family have a comical tradition when it comes to Christmas presents. Good Morning Britain welcomed royal expert Russell Myers onto the programme on Monday morning. He chatted to ITV presenter Andi Peters about what the royals get up to over the festive season and revealed the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, reportedly once bought Prince Harry a rather unusual gift.

Andi made it clear he was keen to know how the royal family celebrate the holiday season, asking Russell for details.

“Russell, very quickly tell me about the royal Christmas presents. I love this!” Andi enthused.

“This is fantastic,” Russell agreed, before looking back at a royal rumour from a previous Christmas.

He said: “Now, I never know whether these stories are part of folklore that have just sort of woven their way into our understanding.

“However, the royals don’t really get gifts for each other at Christmas, not expensive ones anyway.

“I mean, what do you get the Queen that has everything?” the royal expert remarked.

He went on to share details of an occasion when Kate gave Harry a comical gift for Christmas.

Russell continued: “However, there is a story going around that once upon a time Kate the Duchess of Cambridge bought Harry a ‘Grow your own girlfriend kit.’

“Now, this is obviously before he met his wife Meghan Markle and he was a bit unlucky in love, Harry, wasn’t he at one time?”

He explained it seems to be a “tradition” among some members of the royal family to get each other joke gifts.

The royal expert said: “So, it’s part of a royal tradition. I think Princess Anne apparently once bought Prince Charles a leather toilet seat.”

Andi exclaimed: “A leather toilet seat? I think we need to stop you right there.

“A leather toilet seat, unbelievable. Russell, thank you so much for the insight,” he said.

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