Insecure season 5: Issa Dee to leave LA behind and move to San Francisco with Lawrence?

Insecure: Season four TEASER released

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At the end of season four, Issa Dee (played Issa Rae) was faced with the tough decision of whether to drop everything and relocate to San Francisco with her boyfriend Lawrence Walker (Jay Ellis). However, a surprising turn of events saw her debate the future of their relationship, despite this viewers believe she will stick beside him and make the move.

In season one Issa and Lawrence’s relationship was stuck in a rut, he was unmotivated and unemployed, whereas she was working at a non-profit organisation which didn’t fulfil her.

Her 29th birthday was brought in at a karaoke club with her best friend Molly Carter (Yvonne Orji).

There she reconnected with her college fling Daniel King (Y’lan Noel) and the two hit it off then later slept with each other.

Elsewhere Lawrence secured a retail job, bought an engagement ring and was ready to take their relationship to the next level when he learnt about Issa’s infidelity.

The couple were broken up until their reunion in season four but while they were apart their careers flourished.

Issa became an apartment manager which came with a free apartment which was where she meticulously planned a neighbourhood block party.

Lawrence finally got a break in his tech career and landed a job developing apps.

He had moved on and was in a new relationship with Condola Hayes (Christina Elmore), who also happened to be Issa’s partner for the block party.

After enduring countless amounts of cringe-worthy awkward moments, Lawrence and Condola eventually broke up in season four after an explosive argument about Issa.

This caused him to reach out to her and the two rekindled their romance on a beautiful date and after a needed heart to heart, they agreed to resume their relationship.

Everything appeared to be going smoothly until Lawrence revealed he had been offered a better job in San Francisco and asked Issa if she wanted to join him.

This was in the wake of her successful block party which she planned to grow and recreate for the community.

However, while deciding on whether she would move with Lawrence, Condola dropped the jaw-dropping news she was pregnant with his baby.

Many fans were convinced this was enough for Issa to call things off and continue living single in Los Angeles, whereas others believed she would make the move.

Lawrence and Issa had been together for 10 years before their break-up in season one and now they were happy in their careers, they could be happy together.

Although he was expecting a child with his ex, the couple would be moving to San Francisco, so Issa wouldn’t have to always face Condola.

In terms of her job as a cultural curator, she would be able to successfully work from her new home to plan another block party.

She would also still have her friendship group who would support her if she needed someone to check out a venue or if she needed a place to crash to do it herself.

Thankfully, production for season five has wrapped, so fans can expect to hear Issa’s decision in 2022.

Insecure season 5 premieres on Hulu in 2022.

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