Inside Celebs Go Dating star Wayne Lineker's incredible London home as he moves back to the UK after Ibiza club shuts

WAYNE Lineker is currently causing a stir in Celebs Go Dating, but it's definitely a change of scene for the Ibiza club owner.

And when he's not in the E4 show's stunning Surrey mansion, he has an incredible London pad to call home.

Wayne, 58, has made the move back to the UK after his Ibiza clubs were forced to shut down over the current Coronavirus pandemic.

But it's not all bad for the father-of-four who is currently enjoying a series of dates on the popular E4 dating show.

The multi-millionaire is single after calling off his engagement to 26-year-old model Danielle Sanhu in November 2019 – the pair were together for four years.

Wayne clearly has a liking for monochrome, as black and white prints fill his riverside home in the capital.

From a simple hanging with the word 'LOVE' to a sentimental snap of him cradling his granddaughter Myla as a baby, taking pride of place in the living room.

He told fans: "Settled in my new place and got my fav pic ever up #mylaSettled in my new place and got my fav pic ever up #myla."

Wayne – who has been married (and divorced) twice, is also dad to three sons Duane, 35, Sean, and 15-year-old Freddie – as well as model daughter Tia, 22.

Duane is dad to Wayne's granddaughters Myla and Aria.

The large portrait of Wayne with Myla hangs on the wall above a comfy corner sofa set in a mix of charcoal and grey colours.

The love of muted colours runs throughout his home, with a black cabinet under a huge flat screen TV on the wall.

With a corridor painted in a clean white, the landing becomes a design feature with chequered tiles.

The kitchen follows the theme with white invisible cupboards and dark grey tiles above the worktops.

And any of Wayne's Instagram followers would not have failed to notice his adorable Chow Chow dog called Lio, who often takes pride of place in several of the the star's snaps.

A stunning wolf-type breed also makes an appearance, but Wayne writes: "Sorry Lio. She’s just visiting #wolf".

For now, Wayne is causing havoc on Celebs Go Dating and shocking viewers with his crude jokes.

The businessman joked that "everything still works" despite him nearing 60.

The Ocean Beach Club owner was on a date with 39-year-old Hannah when he confessed that his girlfriends have been "25 to 30" which left her confessing, "I feel like an OAP now".

However, their chat took an awkward turn when he insisted made a rather tasteless quip about "slipping out" when Hannah remarked on the slippy sofas with Curtis Pritchard and his date.

"We had the problem the other night of it slipping out?" Wayne joked. "I can't remember that".

Wayne's comments caused many to take to Twitter to air their opinions about the "uncomfortable" chat.

One viewer wrote: "Anyone else feel uncomfortable every time Wayne comes on the screen? 'I won’t date older than 39'… sweetie you're 58, why?"

"Wayne Lineker on Celebs Go Dating saying someone who's 39 is too old for him … he's 58 what age does he go for," another penned.

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