Inside Line Of Duty Chloe actress Shalom Brune-Franklin's glam life off-screen with champagne on the beach

THIS series of Line of Duty has had audiences gripped and Shalom Brune Franklin’s character, DC Chloe Bishop has been the glue keeping AC-12 together. 

The British actress had viewers worried she was a corrupt copper as she committed a number of suspicious mistakes. 

The 26-year-old actress' real life could not be more different from her action packed character's life on-screen.

She has shared snaps of her more slow-paced, glamorous life on Instagram.

Shalom was born in England but moved to Perth, Australia with her family when she was 15.

She moved back Down Under at the start of lockdown and now splits her life between the UK and Australia.

She posts envy-inducing photos of beautiful beaches, fun nights out with her friends and stunning selfies.

Her shots of champagne on the beach to celebrate New Years Eve accompany lush blue waves breaking on sandy beaches are shared with her 23.6k Instagram followers.

She also posts cute selfies and enviable scenes of a yacht coming into the sunset at golden hour or herself in a picturesque landscape.

Talking to the Telegraph about her teenage move to Australia, Shalom said: "Watching my parents has been my biggest inspiration. 

"They decided they'd rather struggle by the sea than struggle in a council flat, so they picked their whole lives up and reinvented themselves as people.”

Shalom trained at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and won the Hugh Jackman scholarship for most outstanding performer.

Her breakout role was in Channel 4's The State in which she played a woman recruited by Islamic State.

Shalom was also in the BBC political drama Roadkill with Hugh Laurie, Netflix series Cursed and played Maisie in Our Girl.

She had moved to London for her acting career and lived with her grandparents, but went back to Australia for lockdown last year.

The TV star now splits her time between both countries.

Shalom told the Radio Times: "I love both countries equally, so it's really hard to decide where to set roots down.

"So far I haven't had to make that choice, thankfully.”

Shalom has admitted she didn't even know what she was auditioning for during the audition process for Line of Duty.

She told MSN: “The script just said ‘LOD6’. I was so focused on reading the scenes that I didn’t quite grasp what it was. When it dawned on me, I freaked out.” 

“I’ve never been so afraid to go to a script read-through. It was so nerve-racking.’” she said.

“I had imposter syndrome.”

She first appeared as Chloe Bishop in September 2020 to Line of Duty’s 12.5 million viewers, replacing Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) as the newest member of AC-12's dream team, alongside Steve Arnott (Martin Compston) and Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar).

Shalom is currently filming another BBC drama, The Tourist, in the Australian Outback, starring alongside British actor, Jamie Dornan.

Line of Duty returns on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One, or is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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