It doesnt stop you getting it Eamonn Holmes blasts anti-isolation You dont want this

This Morning: Eamonn Holmes discusses Covid vaccine

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Eamonn Holmes warned viewers who were refusing to self-isolate after being pinged by the NHS Test and Trace app insisting they would not want to catch coronavirus. The This Morning host told his wife Ruth Langsford, he knew people who had been double jabbed but still caught the virus. It comes as clubs and mass events can reopen with social distancing restrictions relaxed.

“It’s a different thing if you’ve actually had Covid and are affected very badly by it or indeed have long Covid,” Eamonn shared.

“As both the guys were saying there, I suppose it is up to us, to individual responsibility on this.

“But the idea there is leadership on this, that anybody actually knows, I think politicians would be better off saying ‘We don’t know what’s going to happen.

“Please stick with us, we may go left, we may go right. Whatever the virus is doing,’ and stop trying to pretend everyone knows and aiming today, like Freedom Day, because it certainly isn’t and it certainly won’t be for a long time I would have thought.”

Ruth added: “You don’t know, things might change all the time like the travel. Countries on the Amber list, and whatever that means.”

“I know people who have been double jabbed and they have Covid and they say, ‘You would not want to get this,’” Eamonn continued.

“Being double jabbed is not going to prevent this happening.”

“Not 100 percent, it gives you a lot of protection and stops you becoming very ill with it or dying,” Ruth agreed.

Eamonn’s comments came after Nick Ferrari reminded the presenters there were still half a million unable to enjoy Freedom Day.

He explained: “Let me try a number on you and all your viewers 520,117, that is the number of people who got no freedom really.

“They had to stay at home because they’d been pinged in this ping-demic.”

Many people across England have been pinged on the Test and Trace app notifying them they’d been into contact with someone with a positive coronavirus result.

“Does it mean that young folk, and good luck to them, can go to the nightclubs and the nightclubs are all open? Yes, that is all fantastic,” Nick continued.

“But, I do think that for a lot of people there will be a massive sense of frustration.

“There is an idea that possibly there could be a more direct approach to this from the Prime Minister.”

Freedom Day in England means almost all restrictions on social distancing will be removed.

The Prime Minister has urged the public to be “cautious” as the “pandemic is not over” however he has been met with criticism.

On Sunday it was revealed Boris Johnson and the Chancellor would have to self-isolate after coming into contact with someone who had a positive coronavirus result.

Originally it was revealed they’d not be self-isolating as they were part of a pilot scheme but they soon backtracked.

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