Jennie McAlpine reveals fears about returning to Corrie after her second baby

Coronation Street star Jennie McAlpine has revealed what made her scared about returning to the cobbles after going on maternity leave.

Jennie, who plays Fiz Stape, bowed out of the soap to have her second child Hilda, who was born in October last year.

She is now back on set and reunited with her co-stars, but the actress was terrified she would forget her lines because she was ‘thrown in’.

Luckily it was ‘just like riding a bike’ and she is well into the swing of things again.

Jennie told Loose Women on Monday: ‘I’ve been so scared to learn my lines. That was the biggest thing, because I just thought…I was so so scared.

‘We have a little WhatsApp group that I was still allowed to be involved with at Corrie while I was off, I was just messaging everyone going, “I’m really, really scared. I don’t think I’ll be able to learn my lines.”

‘It was just not being able to remember my lines. But actually it was just like riding a bike and I just did it. They kind of do that to you at Corrie, I think they’re just cruel to be kind, they threw me right in. Day one. In the Bistro, all day.’

On welcoming her little girl, Jennie said: ‘It feels like she was always supposed to be here, really.’

The actress also revealed that the inspiration behind the name Hilda didn’t actually come from classic Corrie character Hilda Ogden.

Jennie explained: ‘The thing is, my boy came first, Albert, and obviously there was a very famous Albert in Corrie. But it’s also the name of our rival’s [EastEnders] square which I hadn’t thought about.

‘And then, the thing is there’s no names that haven’t been in Corrie. And all those lovely classic names.’

She went on: ‘I met a gorgeous girl whose granddad and grandma were called Albert and Hilda at one of the first baby groups we went to. Then someone else said, “they sound like two sweethearts writing to each other in World War II”. And I was like, “yeah they do”.’

We last saw Fiz moving away from Weatherfield to get help for her daughter Hope’s anger issues. Her exit also came amid a feud with formidable battle axe Evelyn Plummer.

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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