Jill Duggar holds hands with husband Derick and kids in new pics after saying she hasn't been in parents' home in years

JILL Duggar held hands with her husband, Derick Dillard, and their two kids in sweet new photos.

This comes after the mother of two admitted that she hasn't been to her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's home in years.

Jill, 29, took to Instagram to share the new snaps, as the first one shows her smiling alongside Derick as he embraces his wife with his arm around her.

Jill, who wore a floral dress in the photo, captioned it: "My man. My greatest supporter and the one who constantly points me back to Jesus. My Rock. My favorite person ever! Love you babe!"

She added: "Update: Oh, and happy engagement anniversary! My MIL just reminded me."

Another snap showed the parents holding their young sons Israel and Samuel's hands.

This time, Jill praised the photographer and wrote: "… Thank you so much @moniqueserraphotography for this wonderful #gift & timeless treasure!! It was a blast hangin’ out & showing you around #nwarkansas…"

A third photo, shared by the photographer, shows the family all together and laughing.

While it was all smiles for the family, the pics come just a few days after the former Counting On star made quite the shocking revelation about her parents.

In a recent YouTube video, Jill and Derick, 32, found themselves answering fan questions about distancing themselves from their strict family, as one person asked: "Do ya'll ever visit the big house?"

Jill explained: "The big house is my parent's house.

"Not much, we actually haven't been over there in awhile, probably like a couple years, other than once to check the mail."

She continued: "But yeah there's some restrictions, but also we just feel like in this season of life we have to prioritize our like mental and emotional health and all that.

"Our threshold, as I like to call it is just a little bit lower in this season of life for us with a lot going on in our own life."

Derick then chimed in as he admitted of the Duggar home: "There's a lot of triggers there."

Jill added: "Plus Covid just makes it a lot harder right now with trying to keep our circle smaller and everything.

"We'd like for it to not stay that way, but that's where we're at right now."

The ex reality stars have rebelled from Jim Bob, Michelle, and the rest of the family over the last few years after the patriarch of the family withheld compensation from them for their appearances on the TLC show.

Since then, Jill has gone on her own path and has been extremely open about various subjects, touching on her "good sex life," that she uses birth control, and even that she and Derick play "bedroom games."

Jill, who recently rocked a pair of skintight leggings, has also gone drinking with Derick – all things that go against their family's strict rules.

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