Jimmy Fallon is a 'Sucker' for the Jonas Brothers with Classroom Instruments

“The Tonight Show” host certainly brings the energy as he and The Roots join the JoBros for a rollicking remix of their first-ever number one smash hit.

The Jonas Brothers are on top of the world with their reunion tour and album "Happiness Begins," and now they are bringing a whole new level of happiness by joining Jimmy Fallon and The Roots for an essential "Classroom Instruments" edition of their smash hit "Sucker."

It’s become a rite of passage for all the biggest bands and biggest songs to navigate the unique remix and experience that is interpreting their songs acoustically and through instruments typically found in elementary school classrooms like the triangle and xylophone.

This time, though, they really outdid themselves with Kevin Jonas taking on the tough task of keeping rhythm with the triangle while Joe took on the world’s hardest instrument … a banana?

Some additional cute animations helped the newlywed turn his "instrument" into a phone or a neon-glowing banana, but mostly he was shaking it like a rattle and we’re pretty sure it wasn’t making any noise even if Fallon did label it a "banana shaker" in his video breakdown.

Okay, maybe it really was one, but it looked enough like a banana that we’re enjoying the illusion that it was just Joe looking for a snack and having this video erupt around him.

Front and center next to Fallon, Nick went with a clapper, accompanying his falsetto vocals to launch us into this incredibly fun and catchy version of the song.

"Sucker" was the debut single off the band’s fifth album and became the first number one for the boys in their career — it actually debuted in that position — and was followed quickly by "Cool."

The brothers are currently preparing for their "Happiness Begins" tour in support of the new album, which dropped June 7. It’s set to kick off on August 7 in Miami and carry through into the new year. They’re currently planning to hit 90 cities total (74 in North America joined by Bebe Rexha and Jordan McGraw).

They can also be seen on the powerful new Amazon documentary "Chasing Happiness" where they talk about their rise to stardom under the Disney umbrella, subsequent breakup and the emotional toll and difficult fallout of that fateful decision.

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