'Jon & Kate Plus 8': Does Kate Gosselin Favor These 2 Children Over Her Other 6?

It’s hard to believe Jon and Kate Gosselin got a divorce over a decade ago — and that means their short-lived reality series, Jon & Kate Plus 8, hasn’t been on the air for over 10 years, too. Even without their show, it’s hard to forget all the drama we’ve heard from Jon and Kate over the years. At the end of 2018, Jon made a huge splash when he attained custody of “troubled” son Collin, and now Kate is pursuing love with her dating show, Kate Plus Date.

Kate has also been a lot more active on social media as well — and we’re starting to think she may favor two of her children over the other six. Here’s why.

Kate Gosselin recently dedicated an Instagram post to her twins, Mady and Cara

It’s hard to believe the Gosselin twins, Mady and Cara, are already 18 years old. The two are growing up fast — and while Kate often creates social media posts when her kids have birthdays or go through some other special event, this post on her Instagram of Mady and Cara’s graduation seemed extra special. In the caption of the post, Kate explains she’s “Beaming with pride” for her twins’ accomplishments. “Their Graduation day was such a wonderful day of celebrating THEM and all of their amazing accomplishments! These girls are going places and I can’t wait to see where they end up!”

Many of Kate’s followers congratulated the twins on their accomplishment, but others wondered if Jon had also joined in on the festivities. “I hope John was there. Or did you keep him from that as well,” one follower commented. It’s highly unlikely Jon was actually there, too. Not only do Jon and Kate seemingly not communicate at all anymore, but Mady and Cara have made it known that they don’t want Jon in their lives, either.

Mady and Cara are also featured on her new dating show, Kate Plus Date

It appears Kate may be closest with Mady and Cara. Not only did they receive that recent heartfelt Instagram post, but they’re also seemingly the only kids featured on Kate’s dating show, Kate Plus Date. TLC shared the trailer for the new show, and we see Mady and Cara speaking to the cameras about what they hope their mom will experience while dating again.

The twins also accompanied Kate while she was touring and giving interviews ahead of the Kate Plus Date release. As Kate said during the Television Critics Association press tour, “Particularly with the dating show, because Mady and Cara are 18, it’s more comfortable at this time to have them weighing in and helping me out.” What’s more, Kate even mentioned that as long as the twins were OK with it, she wouldn’t mind if cameras followed the girls on their journey through school. People reports the mom said at the TCA tour, “I mean, that’s absolutely up to them. I think it’s something that Mady and Cara have discussed potentially. And that’s up to them.”

Kate doesn’t see two of the sextuplets now, either

Is Kate really closer with her twins than any of her other kids? Perhaps because they’re adults and the sextuplets are all only 15, Kate has that special mother-daughter bond with them that’s not as close as with the other kids. There’s no doubt she still has a good relationship with the other teens who live under her roof, however — though her relationships with two of her kids remain questionable.

Hannah and Collin Gosselin live with Jon and seemingly only see Kate rarely if ever at all. While Jon and Kate just live right down the road from each other, Jon recently mentioned during an interview that Collin has only seen the siblings he doesn’t live with once since he’s been under Jon’s care. Hannah sees them more often, but her interactions with Kate also seem incredibly limited.

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