Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler fighting over her jewelry business in divorce as he’s 'demanding 50 percent of company'

KRISTIN Cavallari and Jay Cutler are reportedly fighting over her jewelry business in their divorce.

He's apparently "demanding 50 percent of the company," which was established during their marriage.

According to TMZ, Jay wants 50 percent of Kristin's jewelry and clothing line, Uncommon James.

Sources say Jay claimed he has a right to a piece of his ex's company because she launched it while they were married.

However, Kristin is arguing Jay doesn't deserve a portion of the company because she funded it solely with her money.

Jay filed for divorce last April, and so far the parents have agreed to 50/50 custody of their children, Camden, seven, Jaxon, five, and daughter Saylor, four.

Last year it was revealed the couple's divorce had been sealed.

According to the filing obtained by The Sun, the court agreed Kristin and Jay’s “personal, private, financial and business information could result in serious embarrassment or other specific harm to the parties.”

All information, data, records, testimony, and other documentation regarding their marriage, divorce and business interests in Uncommon James, Very Cavallari and the National Football League is “subject to a Protective and Confidentiality Order.”

The “entire case” is placed under seal.

The court papers also claim the seal is in the best interest of Kristin, 32, Jay, 38, and their children.

Kristin and Jay announced their divorce over Instagram last year after 10 years together.

Their divorce quickly turned nasty, as the Very Cavallari star claimed her NFL ex was “controlling and manipulative throughout their marriage.”

She said he agreed to her purchasing a $5 million Nashville home, but allegedly “withheld” the funds when she “would not accept the unfavorable settlement her husband was proposing.”

Kristin claimed last year Jay was “not agreeing to her purchasing the home unless she agreed to his parenting plan” and he would “only release the funds” if she agreed.

Her side said: “Husband is using the parties’ funds in an attempt to control wife and force her into accepting proposals which are not favorable to her.”

Jay ultimately agreed to Kristin purchasing the home.

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