Kylie Jenner's 'The Handmaid's Tale' Themed Party Draws Major Criticism: Why Fans Are Freaking Out

Kylie Jenner knows how to throw a party, as evidenced by the lavish blowout she had for her daughter Stormi’s first birthday, but the bash she just threw for a friend is drawing some serious criticism. Jenner used the mega-popular show The Handmaid’s Tale as her jumping off point for the festivities — and fans were not impressed.

Kylie Jenner throws a Handmaid’s Tale party

Jenner shared some highlights from the party on her Instagram Story, as she celebrated friend Anastasia Karanikolaou’s 22nd birthday.

She explained, “You know the Handmaid’s Tale is my favorite show ever… so for Stassi’s birthday… welcome to Gilead.” Guests were seen walking under a red fabric draped entryway as they made their way into Gilead, greeted with a “Praise be.”

The guests in attendance, including Sofia Richie, had Handmaid costumes of red cloaks and white bonnets to wear, and the house included crimson red decor and personalized letters at each guest’s seat. Jenner’s Instagram Story included a look at the signature themed drinks, “Praise be vodka” and “under his eye tequila,” served by women dressed as Marthas. There was even her pal, makeup artist Ariel, dressed as a commander.

Later in her Instagram Story, the ladies at the party were dressed in hot pink sweatsuits ready to board a bus that said “Stas turns 22.”

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People criticized Jenner’s choice of theme

Not everyone was as won over with the party theme as Jenner’s guests were, however, as people shared their thoughts on Twitter, with most appalled that Jenner would want to celebrate the story of The Handmaid’s Tale.

One person tweeted: “Kylie Jenner is having a party themed after the Handmaid’s Tale… so… who’s gonna tell her that her party is literally celebrating female enslavement for their biological reproduction?? WHO IS GOING TO TELL HER.”

She added: “i’m just… WHO ACTUALLY ALLOWED THIS… how is it actually ok to pretend to be female slaves who are raped for production when it happens in real life and those women don’t have the luxury to pretend to be free…?”

Another commenter responded: “don’t think it’s that deep mate. It’s her bestfriends bday party and they probably love the show so why not throw a party based on their fav show? If I had a Riverdale themed party and I showed up as the blackhood does that make me a murderer? Yeh didn’t think soooooo.”

Another Twitter user pointed out: “Dont know that riverdale has the depth of commentary on society that the Handmaids Tale has…”

Some fans found it ‘tone deaf’

Another fan wrote: Kylie Jenner throwing her friend a Handmaid’s Tale themed birthday party complete with robes, Gilead flags, “Praised be’ vodka and ‘Under his eye’ tequila is so tone deaf, at any time, but especially when women’s rights and autonomy are particularly under attack. Disheartening.”

One Twitter user noted: “sos Kylie Jenner is currently hosting a Handmaid’s Tale-themed party and I literally have no idea how to even comprehend why she thought that would ever be a good idea someone please go over there and explain why that is so problematic because sis is very uninformed.”

Some Twitter users called the theme “disturbing,” with one person sharing: “Women’s bodies get policed on a daily, some states are trying to ban abortion, yet Kylie Jenner thought a Handmaid’s tale theme party was a good idea.”

Another person found it “disgraceful,” writing: “@KylieJenner is having a Handmaid’s Tale party right now… Dressing up in costume and giggling at what? Violations of human rights and perpetual rape? Very confusing, disappointing, and blatantly disgraceful.”

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