Line of Duty's Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar look different to their characters ahead of tonight's series 6 premiere

LINE of Duty's Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar looked completely different to their characters ahead of tonight's series six premiere.

The actors posed in special AC-12 jackets – which stands for Anti-Corruption Unit 12 in the show – for a charity auction for Ardgowan Hospice on Sunday.

Posted by Martin Compston (who plays Steve Arnott), it showed Vicky (Kate Fleming) and Adrian (Ted Hastings) looking incredibly happy in their blue puffer jackets.

Vicky gave the camera a big smile as she flashed the badge – a far cry from her stony portrayal of the Detective Inspector.

Meanwhile, Adrian gave the camera a thumbs up as he modelled from outside his home.

Martin captioned the pictures: "LINE OF DUTY FANS like most things this year the @ardgowan_hospice ball has had to move online, where there will be a silent auction.

"At the end of any series cast & crew are given a gift by production to signify working on the series.

"For Line Of Duty 6 we received rather lovely AC12 jackets my happy helpers @vicky.mcclure and Adrian are modelling theirs. I’m donating my jacket to the auction.

"It’s an incredible place that needs support more than ever please have a look if you have a moment. I’ll leave a thank you note to the winner in the pocket."

Line Of Duty follows Martin's character Steve after being transferred to an anti-corruption unit.

Vicky recently recalled the carnage that ensued on a wild night out with both Adrian, 62, and Martin, 36.

The trio attempted to go to a sports bar and all hell broke loose when they were spotted by fans.

She reminisced to TV Mag: "Before we shut down, me, Adey and Martin went to a sports bar in Belfast, and everything was still open, and it was carnage.

"Everybody's just really excited and they just want to tell you that they're fans of the show and scream Adey's lines at us."

Line Of Duty starts tonight on BBC One at 9pm

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