'Little People, Big World': Fans Think Jeremy and Audrey Roloff's Latest Parenting Method Is 'Awful'

Another season of Little People, Big World has ended and fans can’t believe what transpired for Matt and Amy Roloff. The ex-couple who were together for three decades before their divorce finally decided how they were going to split up Roloff Farms — and we’re all hoping for another few seasons at least to hear about the aftermath. Not only that, but Zach Roloff’s wife, Tori, is pregnant, and fans absolutely adore hearing updates from the family as well.

Fans also know a few of the Roloffs are missing — and while Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, make a few guest appearances, they’re busy finding their own way with their business endeavors. Audrey has remained controversial due to her religious views and parenting tactics, too. Most recently, she shared one technique she and Jeremy use that fans seriously can’t get behind.

Audrey Roloff has been slammed for talking about being a new mom in the past

From their Beating 50 Percent company to their A Love Letter Life autobiography, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are marking their own entrepreneurial path by discussing their marriage, love life, and parenting skills. They certainly have plenty of fans who love their advice. But there have been many times when Audrey has totally missed the mark with her followers.

Her fans will never forget the time she called baby formula a “sin,” for example. During an episode of the show, Audrey mentioned she was having difficulties with breastfeeding Ember — and that’s when she said she was “adamant about breastfeeding exclusively” and thought of formula as sinful. A fan tweeted in response, “I officially cannot stand Audrey!! … Get over yourself!”

That wasn’t the last time fans were offended by what she said about motherhood, either. PopCulture mentions during a past episode of LPBW, Audrey mentioned her issues with breastfeeding were “robbing” her of time with her daughter. To that, one fan said, “Audrey you weren’t ‘robbed’ of anything. … I hope you are learning and growing from this. You are not a victim, you are simply a mother.”

She just discussed ‘blanket time’ on her Instagram story

Audrey is making waves once again with a suggested parenting practice she just posted to her Instagram story. She explains that she uses “blanket time” to train her nearly 2-year-old daughter. This practice involves getting her daughter to sit on a blanket for an extended period of time, and Audrey claims she and Jeremy started this practice when Ember was just 6 months old.

“We would basically just say, ‘stay on the blanket,’ and if she crawled off the blanket we would just put her back on the blanket and only did it for, you know, a few minutes at a time when she was younger,” Audrey explained in the video. She then goes on to explain that as Ember got older, she would “gradually increase the time” her daughter would stay on the blanket. The famous mom mentioned this wasn’t a “super rigid thing” she did every day, but she does make it a weekly practice.

Jeremy then interjected the video and added the reason they’re partaking in this practice is to teach Ember “boundaries and self-control zones, how to self-entertain, how to be disciplined, how to obey mom and dad ….”

Fans don’t agree with the practice, and some are even calling it ‘awful’

Fans were quick to take to Reddit to explain how they really felt about this practice. As one of Audrey’s followers noted, “45 minutes is like an eternity to a baby. That just sounds awful for Ember.” And another added, “I think most of us here would freak out if someone forced us to stay in a 4 sq.ft. area for 45 minutes.” Yet another commented, “It’s extremely controlling and bizarre. If you can’t keep an eye on your kid without them being confined to a small space on a blanket then you need some serious help.”

What’s even more confusing for some LPBW fans is why Jeremy would be all for this when he seemingly had such a carefree atmosphere as a kid. Another wrote on Reddit, “I just find myself wondering why Jeremy wants to ‘train’ his child like this when his childhood was all about running free and doing as he liked.”

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