Lockwood & Co almost used Kanye track for opening titles

Lockwood & Co: Official trailer for Netflix series

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Lockwood and Co is the latest YA adventure series from Netflix hoping to become a major hit following the success of Stranger Things and Wednesday. With Bridgerton’s Ruby Stokes leading the cast the ghostly drama could do big numbers, but the creators narrowly avoided a lot of backlash when they opted not to play one of Kanye West’s new tracks at the start of every episode.

Cornish revealed Lockwood and Co had a rather controversial opening theme in mind before it was changed at the last moment.

“For years in development we were using the Kanye West and Kid Cudi song Kids See Ghosts,” he revealed at the series’ launch in London.

“We thought that was a fantastic song. But then we tried to clear it and Kanye asked for something like $1million and we had to re-up it every year or something.”

Cornish agreed the series had “dodged a bullet” given the hip-hop artist’s recent tirade of antisemitism and other controversies.

His appearances on various far-right news shows, including Alex Jones’ InfoWars, resulted in the termination of several collaborations and sponsorships the music producer has developed over the years.

“All the stuff happening around Kanye… maybe that wouldn’t have been such a good shout,” the director admitted.

Instead, the series has been scored by musical duo The Flight, who are known for their soundtracks for popular video games.

The show’s director was inspired by a modern jazz group while also adding plenty of Brit-pop classics and deep cuts to the soundtrack.

“At the time I was listening to a Canadian band called BADBADNOTGOOD, who are an amazing jazz-funk fusion band.

“That makes them sound awful doesn’t it?” he joked, but added: “They’re really amazing.

“And I was just listening to one of their tracks on the way home and thought, ‘This would be an amazing title track.’”

Instead of one of Kanye’s bombastic new hip-hop tracks, Cornish opted for a more mellow and spookier instrumental from the jazz group titled Can’t Leave the Night.

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The tune perfectly sets the tone for the series as a haunted yet exciting romp for older kids and young adults.

“It’s got this great drum fill that we bleed through towards the end of each episode,” he added.

“And (the soundtrack) is always fun. Personally, I have a thing about needle drops, they’re often overused.

“They’re used to give the viewer a boost of familiarity and energy. Especially with BBC shows. ‘Let’s just drop 40 seconds of Beatles here’.”

“So we tried to use them sparingly. We’ve gone for some contemporary music, but really a lot of early to mid-80s goth stuff. Bauhaus, The Cure.

“Because Lockwood and Co feels like, even though it’s set in the present day, it’s a parallel reality where the digital revolution never happened.”

Thankfully, the Netflix adaptation won’t have any shadows of controversy over it, and it’s hoped the series will eventually adapt all five of Jonathan Stroud’s popular novels.

Lockwood and Co is available to stream on Netflix.

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