Love is Blind: Did Giannina and Damian get married?

LOVE is Blind is a Netflix dating show.

The show is dedicated to finding love and singles have to try and find a match without ever seeing each other face-to-face.

Did Giannina and Damian get married?

Former Love is Blind stars Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli, appeared on season 1 of the show.

The couple made it to the alter on the show but didn't go through with their TV wedding.

While the couple dated for at least two years after the show ended, the two never officially tied the knot.

The two broke up after having a rocky relationship on the show and then surprised everyone when they said they were dating again during the Love Is Blind reunion in 2020.

While there is not information available on if the couple is currently together, fans of the show noticed that they stopped commenting on each others social media pictures and have not posted pictures together since fall of 2020.

What is Giannina up to in 2021?

Since her time on the show ended, Giannina has became a social media influencer.

With over 1.6 million followers on Instagram, Giannina has multiple sponsorships and partners with brands like Savage Fenty, Shein, and Dermologica.

Most recently, Giannina was seen on vacation in Tulum, Mexico celebrating her 28th birthday.

What is Damian up to in 2021?

Still residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Damian has also been growing his social media accounts since his time on the show.

With over 819,000 followers on Instagram, Damian also has been working with several companies including FlexBelt, Savage Fenty, and Filler Fairy.

Just recently Damian attended Miami Swim Week and has been promoting Love is Blind, After the Altar.

What is Love is Blind, After the Altar?

Love is Blind, After the Altar, is an anniversary party for the season 1 cast.

The three-episode special will follow the lives of some fan-favorite couples from the first season as they prepare for a two-year anniversary party for Love is Blind's success stories, Lauren and Cameron Hamilton, and Amber and Matt Barnett.

"Some of us are still in love, but some of us are still searching,"  Diamond Jack said in the teaser released by Netflix.

Love is Blind, After the Alter will premier on Netflix July 28, 2021.

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