Love Island fans slam Amber for ‘lying’ to Michael over ‘spiteful’ terrace scene

Love Island fans have called out Amber Gill for 'lying' to Michael about her involvement with the barracking of the new girls.

Maura Higgins and Elma Pazar arrived in the villa to cat calls from the balcony as the girls didn't take too kindly to their Love Island 'partners' being asked to cook and date the newbies.

Among the ringleaders was 21-year-old Geordie lass Amber, who helped heckle Maura with Molly Mae Hague and Anna Vakili, as she chatted with Michael Griffiths.

The uncomfortable scenes led to Maura saying she'll "give them something to talk about' before calling Michael "sexy" and feeding him some of the dessert he made for her.

The gloves were off and Amber was seeing red, while Maura commented: "Why are they being so immature, I actually think this is is really embarrassing I'm sorry."

Michael and Amber may have just shared their first kiss but it seems that it could be the last after Michael sought out Amber after the dates were over.

She snubs both Michael and Maura though, on her way to greeting Elma to the villa.

Unhappy with her actions, he tells the other boys: "I can’t be dealing with childish girls.”

Amber overhears and asks: "Really what?"

"Childish s*** like that," says Michael.

Amber then went on to deny that she had been involved with any of the slating that was coming from the balcony and with it, the viewers turned on her in droves.

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Fans of the ITV2 dating show took to social media to share their thoughts on how Amber thought it had all gone down, including her belief that she had not been part of the pack that were baying from the balcony.

While Michael is having second thoughts about being coupled with Amber, there were plenty on Twitter that believed she should be binned off.

One viewer tweeted: "The girls in #loveisland are like a bunch of 12 year olds. And Amber's reaction to maura was awful!! Rude sod! Makes me laugh, literally even barely know the guys and so unbelievably jealous. Pathetic."


A third advised: "Nah no wonder Amber has been single all this time with attitude like that, absolute child. Sack her off Michael son whilst you got the chance #LoveIsland"

A fourth was disappointed with the reaction: "I feel like people forget that even the girls that we do like were acting like 5 year olds on the terrace. like i had mad faith in yewande and amber but they were acting just as childish as molly-mae and anna."

Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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