Love Island fans want 'predator' Maura Higgins REMOVED for 'sexually harassing' Tommy Fury

LOVE Island fans want "predator" Maura REMOVED from the villa for "sexually harassing" Tommy.

The 28-year-old last night desperately tried to plant a kiss on the handsome boxer, 20, who rejected her advances.

The uncomfortable scene led fans to accuse Love Island bosses of "double standards" as they claimed Tommy would have been thrown out if it was the other around.

One said: "@LoveIsland should understand what Maura did last night to tommy was unacceptable. If it was the other way round Tommy probably would have been removed from, but what will happen to Maura? Nothing! Because she’s a women. DOUBLE F***ING STANDARDS at its finest #LoveIsland."

Another added: "@LoveIsland why are you permitting Maura to sexually harass Tommy in this way? It’s creepy, & if it were the other way round you would have removed him from the Villa….#loveisland #doublestandards."

One demanded: "Can you @LoveIsland remove Maura for sexual harassment #loveisland."

Someone else added: "Is it just me who thinks this but the way Maura tried to push a kiss on tommy, if that was the other way round then more people would be kicking off ??? #loveisland."

Another fan said: "Maura is like a bloody predator. Forcing herself on Tommy like that is wrong. If it was the other way round there would be hell. #DoubleStandards #loveisland."

Someone added: "No lie if it was the other way round, Tommy, 28 while maura as a 20 year old then people would’ve called Tommy a pedophile cause of that 8 year age gap #LoveIsland."

A fan said: "All good everyone shouting about talking about women’s rights and equal rights until Maura is basically sexual harassing Tommy but barely anyone blinks an eye, other way round they’d be guaranteed uproar #LoveIsland."

Another ranted: "How is Maura all over tommy not sexual assault. If it were the other way round and he was trying to kiss her when she’s clearly saying no then it would have been a problem… #loveisland."

Earlier in the evening, Maura asked Tommy if he wanted to get "frisky" under the covers and admitted he gave her "f***y flutters".

But red-faced Tommy said he wanted to "get to know her first" and would kiss her "when the time is right".

Refusing to take no for an answer, Maura came out to flirt with Tommy as he settled down for bed on the sofa later on.

The 20-year-old had to turn his head multiple times to stop Maura from kissing him – but she kept coming back for more.

After the awkward exchange, Tommy snuck back into the bedroom to spend the night in bed with Molly-Mae.

Maura's behaviour led ex-Love Islanders to express their feelings about the determined Irish beauty.

Gabby Allen blasted the brunette beauty for trying to kiss Tommy – even after he made it clear he didn't want to.

Gabby wrote on Twitter: "Yano what, Molly may have not handled things well to start with but imagine trying to compete with this. It's intimidating and embarrassing for everyone involved. We only have to watch this, imagine being in there? Noooo thanks, you can have him. #LoveIsland."

Maura's behaviour has also been criticised by Amber Davies, who starred on Love Island in 2017.

She wrote on Twitter: "Mortified by Mauras behaviour #LoveIsland."

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