Love Island’s Curtis will stray – Curmy ‘won’t last’ just like Wes and Laura

He is "too creepy" for some and those already questioning Curtis Pritchard's motives aren't alone.

Comedian Joel Dommett reckons the hunky dancer is sure to stray from air hostess Amy Hart the moment someone else catches his eye.

Some Love Island fans are not convinced Curtis is all he's cracked up to be and aren't sold on his charming ways in the villa.

Funnyman Joel agrees – and even compared them to last year's on-off couple Wes and Laura.

"I do like them, but I think he is going to stray – sorry!" he said on Aftersun.

"They are like Laura and Wes last year. So nice early on and so amazing and then three weeks later….

"It's a long time. Someone will come in, he'll have a chat with someone, and…. I'm sorry!"

Presenter Caroline Flack looked shaken by the prediction – left open-mouthed and deflated at what the guest was saying.

There were gasps in the audience too as he suggested the Islander may look elsewhere before too long.

Curtis has taken a kicking on social media as not all viewers buy the Mr Nice Guy act.

He and Amy have been getting very close but it's not been enough to convince everyone that it's not a performance.

One seethed: "Am I the only person who finds Curtis a bit of a creep? He feels fake and like he's always performing."

One tweeted: "This series of Love Island is dreadful. These contestants are dreadful. Nothing has happened this episode apart from this fake Love Triangle and Curtis playing agony aunt.

Another said on twitter: "Anyone else think that Curtis is so annoying ? #Fake."

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