Love Island’s furious Elma confronts Maura over backstabbing in vicious row

Furious Elma Pazar confronts Maura Higgins tonight after she hears that her so-called pal has been making some nasty comments about her behind her back.

The nail technician hits back on Love Island tonight and the pair become embroiled in a nasty row.

Elma is left fuming after she hears that Maura has been saying she doesn't have any girl code – and points out the hypocrisy of her remarks.

Maura was left "f***ing raging" yesterday after hearing that Elma was interested in Tom too.

Speaking to Anton by the pool, Elma says: "I still haven't had the chance to speak to Maura yet."

"It just seems as though she was looking for an argument yesterday," Anton says.

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"Yeah, she was definitely fishing for something," Elma says.

In the Beach Hut, Elma rages: "You can't just claim people – it doesn't work like that.

"They're not even in a bloody couple, them two. Go on, have him! He's not even that special! Jesus christ!"

Later, Elma grabs Maura for a chat on the day beds and says: "What upset me more than anything is that you said that I didn't have girl code.

A new preview for tonight's episode has showed the Islanders' horror as one or more are brutally dumped this evening.

"You were saying to me 'I would never have done that to you' but you literally did that to Molly."

Maura fumes back: "They were not together!"

But Elma hits back: "Yeah, but you and him are not together."

Looks like things will get VERY heated tonight.

This evening, two Islanders will also be dumped from the villa.

All gather around the fire pit as Anton, Elma, Joe and Lucie are singled out as being the most incompatible couples.

Host Caroline Flack is seen standing in front of the others sitting down as she reveals those with her at risk.

Anton has his arm wrapped around Elma as Lucie curls her arm around Joe's as they all look worried about the outcome.

"The public have been voting to save one Islander from each couple," Caroline announces, leaving each pair horrified.

Elma opens her mouth in shock as Anton looks like he wants to put his head in his hand.

Meanwhile Lucie looks up at Joe, who shakes his head.

"Either Elma or Anton, or Lucie or Joe, will be dumped tonight," Caroline says.

Michael puts a hand over his mouth as Amber clasps her hands together, gobsmacked.

Who will be dumped from the villa?

*Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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