Maci Bookout Reveals What 'Scares' Her About Ryan Edwards-Bentley Relationship and How Ex 'Disappointed' Her

Despite the drama, Maci swears she only wants her ex to be “healthy and happy.”

Whether she likes it or not — and her tweets from last week made it clear she doesn’tMaci Bookout’s drama with ex Ryan Edwards continues to dominate her storyline on "Teen Mom OG."

While Maci and husband Taylor McKinney were focused on their clothing line and an adorable photoshoot for the collection with their cute kids, Edwards kept creeping into the plot on Monday night.

The episode began with Maci saying she needed to "face my feelings" about Edwards and decide whether she would meet with him when he got out of jail. With his release imminent, she and Taylor had a candid conversation about how they were feeling.

"Are you okay with Bentley seeing Ryan?" asked Taylor. "I don’t know how Bentley’s feeling," said Maci, "I haven’t talked to him about it."

When Taylor noted that the 10-year-old has been "kinda numb" to the whole situation, Maci agreed. "I think he handles it well on the outside. No 10 year old should handle some things like this this well. That scares me."

"He doesn’t know how to face these feelings, which means he’s burying them somewhere," she continued, concerned. "He doesn’t have the tools to handle this on his own in a healthy way. He doesn’t. It would be ignorant for us to think that he does."

Bookout also said she was "a little disappointed" that Edwards didn’t "make much of an effort" to speak to their son while he was behind bars, noting the boy has a cell phone and he could have called him directly.

When Taylor asked if Maci was would agree to a face-to-face sit-down with Ryan one he got out of the clink, she made it sound like she was more than ready for that conversation.

"I think I’ve processed the anger — oh, all the anger, all of the anger — there’s a lot of anger," she told her husband. "Are there scars? Yes. Have they healed all the way? No. You know me, I want to be there for people I care about and I care about him. I want him to be healthy and happy. Point blank, period. Above anything else, that’s what I want for him. Just don’t f–k up. That’s it."

This season began with Edwards finishing a 90-day stint in rehab for heroin addiction, before he was arrested for a probation violation.

Elsewhere in the episode, Ryan’s parents and wife Mackenzie had a brief phone call with Edwards, who only revealed he was "tired as f–k," before telling Mack he missed her.

Speaking to one of her friends, Mackenzie — with whom Ryan shares son Jagger — said she hoped he "still likes me" when he got out jail.

"I know Ryan wants to talk to Bentley one on one, I don’t think he knows what to say," she added. "He’s around some pretty hard criminals and I think he’s starting to realize he does not ever want to be there. It’s been an eye opener. I just can’t wait to have my family back under one roof."

Ryan will be back on the show next week — so stay tuned! "Teen Mom OG" airs Mondays on MTV.

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