Married At First Sight Australia season 8: Which couples are still together?

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Married At First Sight Australia returns to Channel 4’s sister channel E4 after almost a year off-screen on Monday night. The series from Down Under sparked a format change for the UK version of the show, which came to an end on Friday evening. Before the reunion show for the British edition airs, the Australian instalments will air on television in the UK having already aired Down Under earlier this year. Below is a list of couples who are still together after going through the process for season eight.

Which couples from Married At First Sight Australia season 8 are still together?

Melissa and Bryce

British fans will be following Melissa and Bryce’s journey over the next few weeks but it seems the couple are set for a long life together.

After walking down the aisle, the pair tied the knot and went through many trials and tribulations during their stint on the show.

Australian critics have deemed them the most “controversial couple” of season eight and they didn’t seem to hit it off well with viewers.

Since leaving the social experiment, both of them have shared pictures enjoying time together away from the cameras.

Bryce made the journey to Melissa’s hometown of Melbourne after filming had finished and has now moved there.

In the summer of 2021, they revealed there were engaged after realising how much they wanted their experience on the show to be real.

Melissa is also expecting twins and the pair are both extremely excited to become parents in the near future.

The expectant mother is due in December and the couple are expecting to have two boys are revealing the children’s gender on social media.

They also adopted a puppy shortly after moving in together, adding yet another layer of commitment to their relationship.

There is no greater gift


Kerry and Johnny

Both Kerry and Johnny had been married before beginning the experiment, making them the most experienced of all this year’s contestants.

It was an attraction at first sight for the couple, who went on to enjoy a romance during their stint in the social experiment.

In the final commitment ceremony of season eight, the pair will be seen making a vow to stick together and they are still an item.

They have moved in together and now live in Brisbane with their puppy, Enzo. The pair continue to keep their fans updated on social media.

Johnny said of the experience on Instagram as “the greatest risk [he’d] ever taken” but he got “the greatest reward.”

Are any other couples from Married At First Sight Australia still together?

Despite over 60 couples having participated in the show over the past seven seasons, only three are still together.

In season two, viewers followed the journey of Erin and Bryce but ever since the couple have kept their life together private.

They are now living in a house in Melbourne and have discussed the prospect of having children but they have not shared if they are expecting.

From season six, Jules and Cameron are still very much together and became engaged for real at the end of their time on the show.

They were married in an official and legal ceremony in November 2019 and earlier this year, they welcomed their first child together, Oliver.

Jules told Stellar Magazine: “To create a baby with the man you love, there is no greater gift, and Cam will be one incredible father.”

Martha and Michael are also still going after season six, having vowed to make things work at the final commitment ceremony.

It was a surprise to Martha their relationship had lasted, with Michael telling Now To Love: “We just didn’t put any pressure on each other, we just let it grow naturally. We complement each other really well.”

Married At First Sight Australia begins tonight at 7:30pm on E4.

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