Mélanie Laurent Wanted 'The Mad Women's Ball' to Celebrate Women With Disabilities (Video)

TIFF 221: ”I wanted to be close to them and respect them and be sure that they will be important in the movie,“ director says

So in telling that story, Laurent was fortunate to get dozens of tapes of women with disabilities eager to appear in a movie that discussed differences and give a feminist spin on the abuses often seen in asylum life.

“I wanted to make an homage to all those women and make sure the audience is going to love them instead of judge them,” Laurent said. “‘I feel very beautiful and I just want you to film me, and I want you to put me in a movie that’s going to talk about difference and how we’re seen as the crazy ones when we’re not.’ I thought that was so amazing, and they brought so much in the movie.”

“The Mad Women’s Ball” screened at TIFF on Monday. Check out TheWrap’s full interview with Laurent above.

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