Monty Don details major problem growing plants in Longmeadow: ‘Conditions aren’t right!’

Monty Don on why Dieramas are not planted at Longmeadow

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Monty, 65, was on hand to host another episode of Gardeners’ World on Friday evening and was joined by his Golden Retriever, Nell. The gardening expert spoke to viewers about a number of tips to grow their own plants, from the right conditions to get the best tomatoes to seeding other flowers. However, after a segment aired about dieramas, the BBC presenter explained why he can’t grow them at Longmeadow.

Guest Ruth had just shown the dieramas she had been growing and she said to those watching at home: “Everyone should have a dierama in the garden.

“They are the most fantastic plant. There’s nothing like the joy when you can see that finally, your dierama has come into flower.”

The camera returned to Longmeadow as Monty said: “If you want to visit Ruth and her collection, you can do so in the first two weeks of July when she’s planning to open.

“If you can get along, you’re pretty much certain to see dieramas at their very best,” he continued before detailing his problems with the plant.

“Now, you wouldn’t get that if you came to Longmeadow because I don’t grow dieramas, because our conditions are just not right for them.”

“We have this heavy, rather wet soil, everything is crowded and they won’t get the light,” Monty informed viewers.

“Or the drainage and the air that they need. But there are compensations,” the presenter detailed, explaining there are other flowers he can grow instead.

“What we can grow are the lupins. The lupins here in the cottage garden are fantastic and I can say that without taking any personal credit at all.

“I just bung them in the ground, but they’ve really come into their own this year. They’ve been here for about three years.”

Wouldn’t get that if you came to Longmeadow

Monty Don

“And it’s taken a little while to establish,” Monty continued, adding: “They seemed to have loved the weather.

“Of course, whereas dieramas come from South Africa, these are an American plant growing in the fields, very different conditions.

“But aren’t they fantastic? They are really, really superb,” the presenter said as he admired the flower in its full glory.

Taking to Twitter, those watching at home shared their thoughts on whether the gardening expert actually likes dieramas.

One viewer joked on the social media platform: “You can just say you don’t like dieramas, Monty. It’s fine. #GardenersWorld.”

Another posted: “Excellent feature on dieramas #GardenersWorld that lady Mrs [Ruth] Plant is a very fluent presenter!”

Whilst a third remarked: “@GWandShows @TheMontyDon @montysdognigel Mrs Plant is a natural presenter talking about her dieramas! Bravo Mrs Plant! #GardenersWorld.”

“I love it when somebody’s surname complements their hobby, or their job. Ruth Plant #Dieramas #GardenersWorld,” a fourth remarked.

Within Longmeadow, there are four gardens altogether; The Cottage Garden, The Jewel Garden, The Paradise Garden and The Vegetable Garden.

As summer dawns, Monty said of how Longmeadow changes: “There are two summer seasons in this garden. The first starts at the end of May and continues to mid-July and then there is a noticeable shift as the light changes slightly and the whole garden heats up until September.

“The Jewel garden really hits its stride in August and September despite the shortening days because the nights are warm and dahlias, bananas, zinnias, tithonia, sunflowers, helianthus, nicotiana and cosmos are flowering exuberantly.

“This is when the falling light levels coupled with heat make the rich colours like plum, caramel, purple and ruby red glow richly.”

Gardeners’ World airs Fridays at 8pm on BBC Two.

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