Naked Attraction couples who found love after stripping with one pair engaged

Naked Attraction has had numerous success stories as contestants as couples who met doing the sizzling show have stayed together.

The Channel 4 programme has broadcast seven series since it first began in 2017 and it sees a contestant see potential daters naked first before meeting them for a date fully clothed.

But have any of the couples who met on the show stayed together? It seems some contestants who took part have found love – and one pair who met on the reality programme are engaged.

Josh and Rob met on the show as they were in booths next to each other on series two.

Flight attendant Josh was the first to leave as he didn't get chosen for a date.

Rob also wasn't picked, but he met up with Josh after the programme and romance soon blossomed.

They even went on a date in New York after meeting on the show.

The couple are even engaged as they shared the exciting news in 2018.

Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson told OK! that Rob and Josh were the TV show's "first-ever engagement.

She said: "They were in the pods but took a liking to each other offset.

"They met in the studio and hit it off and are together forever hopefully."

Josh and Rob aren't the only Naked Attraction stars to find love as Gemma Warren and James North are still together too.

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They starred in series one as Gemma chose James to go on a date with after first seeing him in the nude lineup.

Gemma has two children and has said James quickly fitted in with her life.

Speaking about how well James gets on with her children and family, Gemma told Closer: "They get on a like a house on fire and my family find the way we met hilarious.

"We're hoping to move in together next year and marry one day."

She added: "It may seem mad that I saw my boyfriend naked before I knew anything about him, but it worked and we're so happy.

"It's good to see each other naked first – you don’t have to worry later on about whether they'll fancy you."

Naked Attraction airs Tuesdays at 10pm on Channel 4.

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